Sunday, August 14, 2022

A Sweet New Start........662

I had a great stitchy day yesterday, but not much actual stitching was accomplished. I did stitch through the DVHSG meeting, as we had the same class with my local Guild back in April. But, as usual, I always pick up a new tidbit/hint or two. I'm so happy they are continuing the Zoom format so we away members can attend.

This was the class....Needlebook Collage  by Erica Michaels. I forgot to post about it because it was when Jax came into our lives and I was a bit distracted! :) It's a mixed media piece where you stitch a tiny piece on 40 ct. silk gauze that says "needles". Then you do a little hodge podge of scrap booking, using bits and bobs of ribbon, buttons, paper, fabric, charms etc.. It's a great introduction to silk gauze. Here are two of my versions:


 In the afternoon, I met in person with the RVA Stitchers. We meet at a local Panera and stitch a couple hours together. I started Honeybees and Blooms Pinwheel by Honeycomb and Threads. It was a kit offered at the Prim Stitcher's Retreat a couple years ago. I don't usually get much done, as there is a lot of chatting and sharing...always a fun time.

Today, we're off to Fredericksburg, VA to have lunch with a friend of mine and her hubby. We've been friends for 60+years so it's always a good time.

Hope you're having a nice weekend...thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. It sounded like you had a wonderful Saturday with Zooming with the guild and then in person time with the RVA stitchers. Enjoy your lunch in Fredericksburg!

  2. Those are both cute projects!

  3. I so love that little needle book Stasi, especially the fact it has separate pages for the different size needles. Happy Stitching! Sue xx

  4. I got a piece of silk with a pattern and could never imagine stitching on it, I'm quite impressed!!! They are just charming, mixing mixed media with stitching.