Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Heading to the Beach....

Tomorrow morning I will be leaving for Ocean City, MD for a weekend mini retreat. A few different groups of ladies travel there to attend Salty Yarns Super Bowl Sale and make  weekend of it. We'll stitch, shop, stitch, eat, stitch, sleep and start all over the next day.....hopefully with a stroll on the boards thrown in for good measure. It's a lot of fun ; I'll try to take some photos and post them but I'm not taking my lap top and am not sure how it will work on my tablet. 

Rich and I took a nice winter hike today and it flt so good to get some fresh air and cleanse the lungs! There were lots of downed branches, so we did a little trail maintenance while we were at it.

On the stitching front, I'm up to "T" on the ABC piece....

 ...and cranked out a very quick little Valentine piece last night. It's called Cute as a Button by Needle Bling Designs. I did it on a 28 count mystery linen with GAST Buckeye Scarlet. I kept it on the simple side and just added some red rick-rack trim to some red/white fabrics I had in my stash. I do have to admit that I highly dislike stuffing things; I am NEVER happy with the way they look.....any suggestions/tips would be greatly appreciated. Granted, I did just use polyfil!! But despite my lack of stuffing skills, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!


I tried Mary and RJ's suggestion to put your opening for stuffing in the back instead of a seam and that worked out great. You can see their comments here: Stitching Friends Forever.

Ignore the bottom edge please..... :)

 Well, that's it...I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another Sewing Lesson......

Greetings friends--I hope you are healthy and not succumbed to the myriad of sickness going around...flu, colds, stomach virus. We babysat the grand kids Saturday night and they have been coming down with the stomach virus. My fingers are crossed that I can fight it off and make my pilgrimage to Salty Yarns for their Super Bowl weekend sale.

We had the girls come over recently and Esther asked to to my ears!!! We made a top for her AG doll and then she asked to make a blanket and pillow for her doll bed. You can she how intense she was about her task in the first picture here.

A little stitching was accomplished on the home front....Week 4 of the Red Sampler Band SAL and I'm up to "S" on ABC de la Brodeuse.

I hope you're stitching away on a project you love.....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A-Z Finis......

Good morning! We're in the midst of a warm spell here in the Richmond area and back to some walking. Sunday Rich and I did some clean-up along a stretch of road that abuts our local state park. It was a beautiful morning though a little "hairy" as cars rushed by. One lady slowed down and yelled "thank you" out her window and that made our day! Thankfully, we aren't supposed to pick up cigarette butts (of which there was a ton) and I did my own little survey and found that McDonald's customers seem to be the biggest "litterers" followed by beer drinkers....sad! Here we are in our "can't miss us" vests!!! 

I finished the alphabet on Celtic Banner and to give a little perspective, it's 13 inches long. I'll be putting this aside for awhile as I'm waiting on the fibers for the border. I want to get that in place before I do anymore stitching because it'll be a good reference point for the interior section and hopefully lessen any miscounting.

I recently joined a FB page that talks about cross stitch storage and am seeing lots of good ideas. I thought I'd share how I store my DMC threads. I had seen this idea eons ago and rushed right out and bought the Plano fishing tackle box; it has worked wonderfully over the years. I wrap and store the DMC floss in the 3 drawers along with some Kreinik metallics in the bottom drawer. I keep my balls of perle cotton in the top section.

I hope you're having some nice weather where you are and have some free time to put in a stitch...or two. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Some Weekend Stitching...and a Couple Stroll pieces....(445-446)

Greetings! I hope you are all having a fulfilling New Year! The weather here has been nuts....snowing and freezing temps on Wednesday, in the 60's Saturday...repeat!!! It does, however, look like it will stabilize and be more consistent the next week or so, but I don't trust Mother Nature!!! 
In the spirit of our recent snow fall I thought I'd do a little Strolling with a few snowman pieces---two I have stitched, one I did not. First up is one I did, Simply Snowman by Ewe and Eye and Friends, stitched in 1998-1999. (RJ--you might like the little friend on his nose!) I love this chubby guy!!!

 Next is a Shepherd's Bush fold piece from 2002, January. Don't you love his cocked button hat?

Last, is a design from Holiday Sparrow called Brrrman. This was a shop model that I bought when Twisted Threads closed as it was dear to my heart. Ruth, the designer,  said it was a "play" on my last name .......Buhrman...get it???

I did manage to get some stitching in this weekend between basketball games and selling some items on FB. Here is week three of the Red Band Sampler SAL by iStitch.

And here is where I stand on Celtic Banner.

Do any of you watch Scandal on ABC? It's like watching a train wreck...I want to turn away...but  I can't!!! This is the final season and they have an outrageous story line going ('s been pretty outrageous since the very first show) but I am sticking to the end...gotta see how they tie it all up...or not! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Letters, Alphabets......and a Little Strolling...(442-444)

We wound up with 4-5 inches of snow yesterday and managed a little sledding with the grand kids. We have a smallish hill in our neighborhood that was perfect for them. James and Esther really got into the fun and enjoyed riding down the hill...walking back up...not so much!

With all the recent snow, I thought I'd add a few pieces to my Stitch Stroll that are winter themed. This first one suggests a perfect "snow day" experience for stitchers and is called Hibernation Day by Heartstring Samplery, stitched in 2014. I added the buttons at the bottom and framed it myself. You can't tell by the photo but the frame is a soft green with cranberry undertones peeking through--worked perfectly with the piece.

Next is the Winter quarter of Holiday Seasons by Birds of a Feather, stitched in 2003.

Finally, here is Silver and Gold, a small kit from Bent Creek, Stitched in 1999.

Now, on to some current stitching....I finshed week 2 of the Red Band Sampler SAL by iStitch Designs.....
...... and got another row of letter done on Celtic Banner by Butternut Road.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Hope you are warm and safe wherever you are!



Wednesday, January 17, 2018

When the Cat's Away......

....the mice will this case my hubby, Rich! First, let me say I have the BEST husband...he rescues me when I'm stranded and in trouble and works hard at home while I'm away having fun! 

The back story....I was supposed to pick out a cutting table for myself for Christmas last year, but couldn't find one I really liked, so kept putting it off. Not long ago, I saw one on Pinterest that was made out of some shelving units from Ikea; there are evidently lots of ideas out there where people take products from Ikea and "remake" them into something else.....they call them "Ikea hacks"!!!   Ikea Hack--cutting table I was able to print off some directions and we stopped at Ikea on one of our trips to/from Baltimore. We needed three 2X2 cube units which Rich hooked to each other. He then added a bottom with wheels and a melamine top. It is just what I wanted... no more having to carry everything down to the kitchen counter or cut out fabric on the floor. Here is Rich's final product--thanks babe!

Once I get my craft room back in order, I will share some photos of my "woman cave".

Now some stitching....I've had this chart, Celtic Banner by Butternut Road, since 2000 and  was able to nab the original called for fabric on FB right before Christmas. It's a 29 count Glenshee linen (and I love Glenshee), so will be on the large side. I planned to start January 1st, but the stars just weren't aligning. I'm doing it the called for fibers, mainly DMC, but I also need 2 Wildflowers. Sadly, the designer didn't put the number of skeins needed but I know it will be more than one. I put a plea out on FB hoping to find someone who has stitched it and could guide me, and got a range of responses from people who also have it in their stash, but not stitched. Sara, from Salty Yarns is going to order me a few skeins of each, so I can have the same dye lot. In the meantime, I went ahead and started the alphabet. Now these letters are approximately 1 to 1.5 inches high, so you know it's a larger count linen, but actually a nice respite from the 32-40 I usually prefer.

It's snowing here--schools are closed, but we are heading out to get a new tire for my car and pick up some groceries. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Stressful End to an Otherwise Wonderful Weekend.....

I started out yesterday for my drive home with little traffic and Father Tim (At Home in Mitford) keeping me company. About 1 1/2 hours in, one of my biggest fears occurred.... a flat tire in the middle of nowhere!!! I pulled over right away and immediately called my hubby, then Road Assistance. After being on hold for about15 minutes, I finally got through and they said someone would be out within the hour. It was freezing cold, so I looked on Google maps and found to car repair places nearby; I called but was told they had no one to help. I got a message from Road Assistance that the first company had cancelled (guess no one wanted to come out in 20 degree weather to change a tire) and they were searching for another. In the mean time, cars are flying by me but NO one stopped! I thought if I started pulling my suitcase and stuff out of the rear someone would see I needed help and stop....NO! Two policeman rode by heading the opposite direction--did not stop! So, by now I had been sitting there an hour and finally heard from RA that someone else was on their way...but another hour. By that time I really had to relieve myself, and I am embarrassed to say this, but I looked up the highway and saw there was no one coming, then opened my two passenger side doors, squatted down between them and let loose. Okay....... you can all stop laughing now but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!! So, now the second guy is calling to say he's not sure he wants to come since it would involve paying the toll for the Chesapeake Bay Tunnel-Bridge and he'll get back to me....never heard back, so now I'm starting to panic thinking I'd never get this fixed and praying that if someone DID stop, they weren't a crazed maniac or serial killer (I knew I didn't have the strength to get the lug nuts off and lift that darn tire). In the meant time my hubby had left Richmond and was driving my way; as I was talking to him a gentleman finally stopped (after sitting there 2 hours) and asked if I needed help. He owned a car repair place nearby and kindly sent someone back to help me. They took off the flat, put on the temporary spare then I followed him to the shop and paid. Whew!!! Then I was informed I shouldn't go over 50-55 mph on that spare; of course to get home I had to travel a major highway with higher speed limits and knew I'd be blown off the road if I kept to 50-55. Rich, my knight in shining armor, to the rescue....he was waiting for me as I came off the tunnel bridge and followed me safely home on back roads he had mapped out. Thanks for letting me get that off my back....a harrowing experience and one I hope never to repeat!!! !!!

So now some more positive sharing....I received a few gifts while down the beach.
Sara gifted me my birthday/Christmas gifts. This is a small kit from Jackie du Plessis..adorable isn't it? Thanks so much Sara!

And Sally gave me a couple treats since I hadn't made it to the CA Weekend in October. Thanks Sal!!

 I did add a little to my stash:

All in all, a great weekend, but very happy to be home!!! Hope you are all safe and sound in your little abodes....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Here Comes the Sun......

The sun has finally broken through here in OCMD after a day of fog followed by a day of rainy, dreariness. As the old saying goes..."what a difference a day makes"!

I'm up and ready for day three of fabric cutting and schmoozing! I've chatted with Guild/blog friends, called on my math skills (Salty Yarns cuts fabric to size, so many calculations ensue) and watched as lovely projects began to bloom. Such a fun time!!!

I wanted to quickly share some project bags I made recently.


I'll be heading home tomorrow, tired, happy...and probably a couple pounds heavier!!! :)

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Friday, January 12, 2018

A Little Getway

Greetings! There hasn't been much going on in my world lately, stitching or otherwise. But, I hope to change that up this weekend. I am safely ensconced in my wonderful stitching lair for the weekend, at the beach in Ocean City, MD. I will be helping out at Salty Yarns cutting fabric by day and stitching away the evenings. The EGA sponsored Camp Wannastitch is in town and there are 174 attendees who may, or may not, swing by Salty Yarns for some needed supplies or stash enhancement. I love doing this (reminds me of my days at Twisted Threads) and gets the motivation level back up!!!

Here is a shot of my stitching nest while here:

I've got my immunity essential oil going...trying hard to keep up my immunity with this flu season upon us.

It's gonna be a FUN weekend!

I had forgotten to share the Christmas gift I received from my younger daughter and, since I have it on today, thought I would. She got one for my hubby too!!!

I love both kinds of Beatles/beetles, so it's perfect!!!

I'm off to finish getting ready---I report for duty at 10:00! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Monday, January 8, 2018

A Little Sewing Session

I'm starting to think my daily blog posts  helped keep me on point with my needlework last year. I feel I'm floundering a bit where my stitching is concerned and not able to decide what I want to work I work on nothing. Hopefully, that will change soon, especially this coming weekend when I head off for a weekend of quiet evening stitching time. I'll pack a passel of projects and go with the flow..... During the days, I'll be helping cut fabric at Salty Yarns for the Camp Wannastitch attendees who will be flocking to Ocean City, MD  for the weekend. It's a lot of fun and very motivating/enabling, so coming at a good time to jump start me!

Cora and I had our little sewing session Saturday and made tops for both her and her American Girl doll, Tenney. Cora helped with pinning, cutting  and sat on my lap while I serged; she picked out the fabric and shirt style. A budding needlewoman perhaps!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

The Red Sampler Band SAL 2018 Start

Happy New Year to all...a little late, but heartfelt nonetheless. We've had quite  few visitors since Christmas and I am just starting to get back into some semblance of a routine. I have hardly picked up a needle in well over a week and withdrawal was setting in. I got the first installment of the Red Sampler Band SAL yesterday and managed to get it stitched last night while watching the movie, The Queen, followed by the final two episodes of The Crown (season 2)........I guess we were in a "royals" mood. 

 I'm stitching this on the called for banding, 28 count over one.  I'm sticking with the red colorway this time, using Glorianna silks, Crimson and Cranberry. Let the fun begin......anyone else out there doing this?

So, that's all I have to share on the stitching front: I have put some stitches in on the Ewe and Eye Santa head, but it's pretty boring stuff,  as it's all just filling in the beard. But I did want to share some of my birthday/Christmas friends know me so well! First are some bee related items...socks, mug, mug mat and soap.

Next, are some stitch-y related gifts..... a beehive charm, some strawberry waxers (OMG, don't you just love those) and a bracelet. 

Finally, and I may have shown this already, is an adorable Santa hat pincushion with two beautiful pins.

Thanks to Karen, Deb and Sally for these fabulous gifts; I am so blessed by their friendships.

Cora is coming over today and we're going to work on sewing a knit top for her--wish me luck!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I'm back already with a little Stroll......(441)

I guess you can't get rid of me!!!

I hope everyone had a pleasant New Year's Eve and day! Ours was pretty pun intended... with my brother and his wife visiting for a couple days. No stitching has occurred but I'm hoping to remedy that tonight. My New Year's project is going to be one I've wanted to stitch for a long time, Celtic Banner, by Butternut Road. I bought the chart years ago and it'd been simmering in the back of my mind since. Someone was selling the called for fabric, a 29 count Glenshee linen, on FB and I was able to nab it. I love the feel of Glenshee linen and don't think it's around anymore (if I'm wrong about this, please alert me). I started pulling the DMC floss, but think I want to try to switch to silk or overdyed cottons. Hence, the delay--will keep you posted!

I will share a quick Stroll piece today that was a gift to a dear friend for Christmas; I had to hold off until the gift arrived. :) It is F is for Friend  by Heartstring Samplery. It was a club piece, but I was able to get the chart on the second hand market. 

 Hope you are keeping warm if you are experiencing this cold snap--it's in the 20's here! Brrrr!!! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!