Saturday, September 15, 2018

Storm averted........

Earlier this week it was being hyped that we would be in the path of Florence as she headed back up the coast. Water, bread, etc.. sold out. Our main concern was power outages so I wanted to have some D batteries on hand for my stitch lamp. Of course they were no where to be found...this was Monday and storm wasn't supposed to hit until Friday. Being as I am rapidly becoming an "Amazon" girl, I came home, got on line, ordered the batteries and had them by Wednesday. Then...luckily for us...the storm turned and we were out of the danger zone. Sadly for others, they were now in the path of thoughts go out to all those who are in the midst of Flo's torrential downpours and her aftermath..I wish you the best of outcomes! Be safe and smart!!!

So, due to the impending storm here in Richmond, schools starting closing on Tuesday/Wednesday for Friday classes. This proved the perfect time for me to have Cora and Esther over to "play" with Mary's (stitchingfriendsforever) generous gift. Mary sent me a couple boxes stuffed with card making supplies for the girls. They had a ball cutting, punching, stamping, etc. and getting their creative juices flowing. Here are some photos:

Before Photo

Cora at work serious about her "art"

After photo

Esther's projects

Cora's projects
Thanks again Mary for your thoughtfulness; I know we will be having many more "sessions". Be on the lookout for a token of our appreciation!!! 

On the stitching front, I got Week 9 of the Black Sampler Band SAL done last night. I am enjoying this as much as the other two!!!

And I think I'll have my Scary Berry done in time for Halloween; I only have the remainder of the background to fill in. I just love this piece and found I really like working on the silk gauze. My only pitfall has been that my eyes start to get tired and I have trouble,  with the lighter colors, telling if I missed a stitch... or not. I haven't finished one of these gauze strawberries yet, so I'm hoping it's not too fussy! Any tips out there??? 

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Thursday, September 6, 2018

A little bee......(472)

Still HOT here....when is fall actually making an appearance? I am sooooo ready for some cooler temps!!! Because of that however, I am still hanging indoors more than outside and getting some stitching done. 

I'm starting off today by adding a new finish to my Stitch Stroll....a little bee stitched on a bamboo thread palette. This was gifted to me from a friend awhile ago ( thanks MA) and I laid it down in my sewing room and it slipped my mind. Someone posted theirs recently on FB and I scrambled to find it....success!!! It was pre-drilled on the wood piece and then you could fill in the "bee" however you wanted. They had suggested all one color but I wanted a "real" bee effect, so went with the black, yellow and white. It really is cute and a very quick stitch/finish! The company that makes these is called Red Gate Stitchery.

Last weekend I went to JoAnn's and saw this wonderful Harry Potter fabric. I HAD to buy some , came home and made myself a new project bag. It has the four houses of Hogwarts on it!!! I didn't care for any of the coordinating fabrics for a lining, so I went with some 'eyes' that will glow in the dark. I had a HP bookmark and took the Sorting Hat charm off of it to use as a zipper pull. I'm a BIG Harry Potter fan and this year is his 20th anniversary..I'm figuring that's why I saw special HP displays in Target with clothes, backpacks, mugs, books, etc..

On the stitching front, I've finished up the pre-stitch for my Heartstring Samplery class in October. This was quite a bit of stitching and I ran out of numerous threads (luckily could match up from my stash), but the result is so sweet. I'm pretty sure the one piece will be a strawberry.... not sure of the round one. Darn--I can see hoops marks on the triangular one!!! I don't use a hoop normally but this was 40 count and I like the fabric as taut as possible to help open up the holes. The piece of fabric was not large enough to use anything else--only had about 1.5 ' on each side.
I'll try again to get them out!!!

Now it'll be back to my Scary Berry piece on gauze...lots of background stitching awaits! I'll be heading to the RVA Stitchers group on Saturday and look forward to seeing what everyone is working on. Keep cool!!!

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Totally Renewed......

We had a fabulous visit to OCMD last weekend. The weather was PERFECT....sunny in the upper 70's/low 80's and we spent three days with my brother and sister-in-law relaxing on the beach and enjoying a nice dinner out in the evenings. There was a full moon (red on Sunday) every night and a beautiful sunrise every morning. I was so relaxed, I didn't even stitch until Sunday... just sat in my beach chair, in the shade of my umbrella, enjoying the sites, sounds and smells of the ocean...oh and people watching played into it too!!! I have to say we saw a lot of bare bottoms being flaunted about...and I don't mean on tots!!!

We went to a craft show Sunday morning in North Ocean City and, while it wasn't large, the quality of the crafts was very good. I got this cool bracelet and had my photo taken with my brother...the chair makes us look like little kids again!!!

And, of course while we were there, I roamed the aisles of Salty Yarns every afternoon while the rest of my group showered. I bought a number of charts, some pom-pom trim and a great pair of scissors for traveling. The scissors were only $3.00, have  an attached safety tip and are only 2" long!!! 

I succumbed to the charts after seeing Sally's (of Salty Yarns) stitched models. I'm thinking the Noah's Ark Christmas ones will be perfect for the grands this Christmas.

Sally Rutka's version of Festive Little Fobs Seaside Edition by Heartstring Samplery

And then, Sally  had stitched one of Heartstring Samplery's seasonal fob charts all on one piece of linen, over one and I was hooked!!! It was so tiny and precious that I bought that chart and two others whose subject matter is close to my heart. So I have the Seaside, Stitching and Bee editions of the Festive Little Fobs series.

Since I've been home, I have managed to get quite a bit of stitching in because it got HOT again!!! It's been oppressive so, other than running errands and a couple doctor appointments, I've stayed home in the A/C. I worked a bit more on Scary Berry  by Erica Michaels, got weeks 6 and 7 on the band sampler SAL completed and started the pre-stitch for one of the classes at Salty Yarns' Jamboree in October.

 I am really enjoying working on the silk gauze for the berry; it's true, you really can see the holes fairly easily. It's just filling in all that darn background that's a bugger. But it will all be worth it in the end and I'm switching between doing some of the motifs and the background, so it isn't all saved until the end. Isn't this a cutie???

This pre-stitch is for our class with Beth Twist Of Heartstring Samplery. She is one of three teachers I'll be taking classes with at Salty Yarns in October. The other two are Sharon  Verbos (The Purple Thread) and Kathy Rees (Needle Delights Originals). I thought I better hop right on this pre-stitch as there is quite a bit to do (there is also another piece) and on 40 count over two. Don't you love the sweet little thread holder we got with a photo of the project on it?

Well, as Porky Pig  would say "'s all folks"!!! I hope you are enjoying your end of the summer weekend and Happy Labor Day to those in the States. Thanks always for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!