Monday, August 22, 2022

A New Week.......

 School starts today and we now have two high schoolers and two middle schoolers. Really...where does the time go??? I'd post photos but they'd probably disown me!!!  We have to now begin, again, to plan our days around the schools start and end times. We live about 1/2 mile from the middle and high school, then factor in we also have three elementary schools on that same road within 2 miles of us. So, there are HUGE back ups on the two lane road that leads to our neighborhood.  Last year parents were asked to drive their kids to school due to a bus driver shortage, but it still seems like a large majority of parents prefer to not use the district  bus system. My grands could walk to their elementary school, but now my daughter is in numerous car pools. If there are issues on the way home, we told them they can always walk to our house and we can get them home.

 On to stitching.....I worked on Harriett Salt a bit last night. 

Where I was on 8/18

As of 8/21

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  1. Harriet is looking good, Stasi. Will you continue on with her this week or pull out something else?

  2. Schools in our area began today, too, Stasi. It definitely changes up your driving routines. I didn't realize your grandkids live so closeby--how nice :)

    Harriet is looking lovely--there's something so relaxing about a monochromatic piece!

  3. Hello Stasi: It seems time is flying by, the neighbor children are getting ready for school, summer flew by.
    That is a load of schools in your area.
    Ours start Sept. 3rd. its fun seeing the first timers getting on the bus all excited for their first day.
    Nice progress on Harriet Salt.