Tuesday, February 27, 2024

All My Bags Are Packed.......

 .......and I'm ready to go to Nashville!!! Sally and Sara from Salty Yarns have kindly asked me to go and help them out again. They should be here in about 1 1/2 hours and then we're off. We split the drive into 2 days with today being a short one for me. They'll already have 4 hours under their belt by the time they get here. I am excited and hope to see lots of wonderful new designs. I have tried not to look to much at posts from shops/designers so I can be awed when I get there. 

Since I'm unsettled while I wait, I thought I'd do a quick post about some recent, and upcoming,  stitching. I am continuing on my Live on Little by Plum Street, but it's packed so I can't show it. 

I am in a Secret Stitcher exchange with the DVHSG and my SS sent me this for Valentine's Day...and I had to jump right on it.  I have pretty much given up on getting any real "winter" weather here,  so a spring piece seemed appropriate. It was a complete kit from Scattered Seed Samplers called Springs Messenger Pinkeep.  It came with 36 ct. Vintage Country Mochas linen and DMC fibers. The original was stitched over two and with a size of about 5X7. I cut the fabric in half and did it over one, so half the size. I like it  much better petite!

Sticking with a "spring" theme and with Easter being early this year, I stitched Samplings 2 by With Thy Needle and Thread. This was done on a 40 ct. mystery linen with a combo of GAST, WDW and DMC. I'm on to Samplings 1 now. 

Have you heard about the Leap Year SAL? A friend told me about it and I was sucked right in!!! Can you hear the big WHOOSH?????  The idea is that you pick a BIG project to start on February 29 and then you have 4 years to finish leap year 2028. I narrowed it down to three projects and finally decided on Cardinal Points by Long Dog Sampler. I had been drawn to this sampler...totally not my style or color palette... for years, but it was hard to find. Then one day on FB, someone was selling the chart with all the GAST fibers...a total of 24 and I was able to buy it. So now I have 4 years to complete.....doable don't ya think?

There is a FB page to join, if interested, called Leap Year SAL 2024 to 2028. 

I hope you all are checking out the new designs and such from Market and pre-ordering from your favorite LNS. Have a great week and see you on the flip side!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!

Thursday, February 15, 2024

The Halfway Point in February........

 I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day....ours have become very low key....after over 50 celebrated together. Here is an example of how low valentines from my hubby.

Talk about recycling...these are the old notepads we used to give out when we had our home inspection business!!! He knows my morning routine well, and these were found in all my usual "stops' in the my oatmeal box, the utensil drawer, near my mugs, under the top of my lap get the picture!!! It was a fun "treasure" hunt for me. For my part, I bought him a mocha shake from Arby's...his favorite and made spaghetti for dinner!!!

On the stitchy front, I had a great time in OCMD for the Salty Yarns Super Bowl sale weekend. I think I've been going to this for at least 17 years! There were about 18-20 ladies who came and rented airbnb's. We would meet in the shop class room and stitch and chat; people came and went at their leisure. We had a pot luck dinner Saturday night and shopped...shopped....shopped. 

I got some goodies including a pair of red Cohana scissors...I couldn't resist the 30% off. Here is the rest of my stash enhancement.

I immediately fell in love with Lila's Studio's Autumn Sampler and bought some fabric. I'll pull fibers from my stash at home. Someone pointed out the verse..... " Autumn is as joyful and sweet as an untimely end"....I'll be changing that. :) The colors are luscious and I really want to get it started...but I'm going to hold off a bit....too many irons in the fire!

I drove up with my friend, Lisa, and we did a little antiquing up and back. Here is what I found:

Sled for finishing, two bobbins, a pack of bone buttons ,a small milk bottle I'm going to use as a pincushion, a towel which will probably become a project bag and a pack of Star Wars milk caps which may, or may not, turn into floss tags

And yes, there was some stitching...I went between two projects...Live on Little and Amy Mittens Advent calendar mittens. 

It took me all day Sunday to get that much of the roof done!!! It's 46 ct over two.

This goes much quicker...25 ct over two with a wool fiber. 

Since I've been home, I've been working on these:

Noah's Ark by Plum Street

 Bristol Soiree by Sassafras Samplers

My friend, Lisa, gifted me this huge project bag and some bottle brush trees. I am a lucky gal...thanks Lisa!

Well, I think that's all for me today. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and can squeeze some relaxing stitching in. Nashville Market is looming and we have to make room for all the new goodies!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Thursday, February 1, 2024

And We're Into February.....745-746


And 2024 is under hard to believe we are already down a month. It's been a busy month on the one hand....and a quiet one on the other. While on the quiet side, I've gotten quite a bit of stitching done...nothing major....just small fun projects with fun finishes. I'm attempting the Book of Days again this year ( I only made it to May last year) and here is my January.

I'm logging what projects I work on what days and adding stickers!!! We'll see how it goes this year.

I finished the stitching on the Summer House project from the recent Sassy Jack's Winter Soiree. I stitched it on 40 ct Vintage Country Mocha with two Vikki Clayton silks. I pulled the design for the bottom from a chart by The Workbasket called Cartouches.

I FFO'd two winter projects that worked in two cute finishing "objects"..... for lack of a better word..... that I had bought a couple years ago. First is Cardinal's Winter by Robin Pickens. I stitched this on 32 ct. natural linen with Vikki Clayton silks. Robin is a new designer to me on Etsy. I saw this design somewhere on FB and had to have it. I love the colors of tranquility of the piece. I had this sled on hand and the design fit perfectly. The size is 4 X 6".

The next finish is my January ornament for the #12in24ornamentstitchalong hosted by Carol of Stitching Dreams on IG. It is Heaven and Nature Sing by Petal Pusher...another new to me designer. I stitched this on 32 ct black
 Belfast linen with GAST fibers, over one. I orignally started it on a 30 ct. navy blue linen, over two,  but the colors just weren't popping. I am so glad I switched to the smaller size as it fit perfectly in an adorable stand I found at Michaels after Christmas 2022. 

Today being February 1st, I am starting my Winter Cross Stitch Camp project sponsored by Sherri the Colorado Stitcher. Our theme this year was to stitch something with a bird or animal. I chose  the deer ornament from Plum Street Samplers Noah's Christmas Ark VI to do. I have done five of these already for the grands. I will admit to a little "double dipping" as I plan on this being my SAL ornament for February too. 

Here is my camp badge on my camp project bag, made for me by my friend Lisa.

We will be celebrating my parents birthdays this weekend; they will be 96 and 92. They were born on the same day, four years apart. Then I'll be heading to OCMD for Super Bowl weekend. I've been going there this weekend for the last 17 years. There is a small contingent of ladies who have also been coming that long, though people come and go depending on life circumstances. Salty Yarns has a great sale, so stash enhancement will definitely be on the agenda. I will try my best to keep it in line as I know Market is coming in a month. 

Who is your pick for Super Bowl...if you are a football fan. I was hoping, being a Baltimore girl, that the Ravens would be in it. I don't really would have been a Baltimore pride thing!!! I said I would switch to the Chiefs if the Ravens lost, but am miffed at Mahomes and Kelce for the way they treated  Justin Tucker, the Ravens kicker.

I hope your February is enjoyable and we should all dedicate the extra day to stitching...what do you think?

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.


PS I'm surprised no one noticed I had the month of December on my calendar for my January posts...I sure didn't!!! LOL