Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Down Time ......

   Off to visit Jax!!! Will catch up when I return! Have a great week everyone!

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Button, Buttton, Who's Got the Button???

 I did get the buttons made and they are safely in their "jar". I'm just using tiny sampler motifs from different charts/books. For those interested, this was an idea Lori Holt presented in one of her floss tubes and she called it Sampler in a Jar.  I thought it was a fun idea and ordered a bunch of the button forms. You can see I am just in the beginning stage, but hopefully that jar will grow! 

Yes, those are bees on the top...a friend gifted me the jar!

I started a new project last night....and it too is a fun one....Park it Here Beach Party  by Noteworthy Needle. Don't you love the bright colors??? Not my usual palette, but they make me smile looking at them.

 I think I shared this stitching frame in a past blog post, but thought I'd share again. It was made from PVC piping by my hubby a few years ago. I had seen plans for one one Pinterest and it looked pretty straight forward. I think it cost under $10 and works great! I had to buy spare Q-Snap clamps, and it just sits on my lap, or could work on a table. I think this is the link to the one we used: PVC Stitch Frame   You can also buy one on Amazon for a reasonable price: PVC Stitch Frame .



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Monday, June 20, 2022

A Gorgeous Day at the Ball Field........


  Yesterday was a picture perfect day at a ball game watching our favorite short stop ( sorry Cal Ripken- you've been usurped)!!!We sat under a huge tree, with a gentle breeze blowing at Hampden-Sydney college's baseball field. What a lovely gem of a campus this is! I did a little research and it's only 1 of 3 all male colleges left in the US.....admittedly that was a surprise!!! It was a beautiful campus tucked way off the beaten path...quite an enjoyable environment to spend Father's Day.

 In the evening, we settled in to watch the last two episodes of Troppo on Netflix. This is an Australian production and was very good if you're looking for something to watch. I decided to go a little "fruity" and stitch a few more buttons for my Sampler in a Jar. Hence an apple, pear, strawberry with a chair and scissors thrown in for good measure. Hopefully, they'll be made into the buttons today! Looks like I need to invest in an new ironing board cover...notice the small stain at the bottom between the strawberry and apple...something seeped up from the cover.....luckily it will not show...whew!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful is the last day with pleasant temperatures for awhile. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Happy Fathers Day..... my main squeeze ......

No photo description available.


 No photo description available. and my Dad.....all 94+ years of him!!!

Hubby was occupied yesterday , so I spent the day working on a couple pieces and catching up on The Blacklist.  I have to say, I am very confused, but am 2 seasons behind, so hopefully, it will get better. 

I finished up the stitching on The Gift of Peace: Alphabet .....

....and completed the latest installment on the iStitch SAL.

I seem to be getting a number of "anonymous" posts and am not sure who they are from, but want you to know I appreciate you taking the time to comment..thank you!

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Short but sweet...... 651-652


I got my 2nd Covid Booster shot Thursday and felt a bit under the weather yesterday...hence no post or stitching. So I will share two recent finishes today.

First is a sweet necklace I made for a friend from  Quaker Pendants I by Milady's Needle. 

 Next is Patriotic Needle Book  by CArolyn Meacham. This was done on 24 ct. Congress cloth. I changed colors up a bit to "tone" it down. It's still pretty bright, but not as much as the original blue and reds were.

Sorry, couldn't get this to rotate

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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hanging in There.....650



 It is pouring down rain, with thunder and lightening,  as I write this...totally NOT in the forecast...glad I didn't head out to walk this morning. Trying to get back into walking mode, which is hard for me in the heat of summer. But I got up early two days this week and got in a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. 

By the time I got to sit down and stitch yesterday, I just felt like working on something easy. So, I pulled out The Gift of Peace Alphabet; this is a collaborative effort by Bent Creek and Heart in Hand. It debuted at a virtual retreat called Friendstitch back in 2020. They have another one scheduled this fall, if you are interested. Info should be coming out was a fun experience!!!


I also wanted to share a recent framed finish, Diligent, by Needlework Press. I stitched this on 46 ct Vintage Light Examplar by Lakeside linens with a conversion to VMS fibers. It was framed by Patti Nicolosi of By My Hand Needl'werks. Patti can be found on FB and does a fabulous job at a reasonable price. You send her your piece and she will message you different photos of your piece with a variety of frame mouldings to choose from. She has excellent taste and I have been very pleased with the outcome on several pieces.

There is an alphabet in the large open expanse, but the thread was close to the fabric color. I toyed with whether to keep it or not, and decided to go with it, It draws you in for a closer look!


Haircut scheduled today....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!