Thursday, April 9, 2015

A couple pillows for my baby.................

I've been going through my crafty items and clearing/cleaning out a bit. A friend from the beach had told me about the Salvation Army in Chambersburg's annual sale called Fabric Fair. They take craft donations all year and then have a BIG sale the beginning of May. (Luckily I won't be around to be tempted to go and buy back a lot of stuff) I managed to take up quite a few boxes of "donations" and feel confident they will go to appreciative homes. So, while doing this, I came across a set of eight old needlepoint pieces I had stitched in the 70's!!! They were bright and colorful scenes and I thought my youngest daughter might like them. I took the best four and made them into a pillow; it really looks great in her living room!

Without pillow form
I had also seen a pillow down at Salty Yarn's Super Bowl Sale. I already knew she liked the saying and I thought the colors would be great in her house. It's a Pine Mountain "sleeve", but I made the actual "pillow" it slides on to.

 We traveled to Brevard, NC to spend Easter with her, and my older daughter and her family met us there as well. We had two days of gorgeous weather with hikes to different waterfalls. Brevard is known for its many waterfalls (they claim 1000) and we managed to see 6. We also stumbled across some Easter eggs for the kids on one of the hikes...who'd have thought the Easter bunny would have time to drop some for them!!! Here's a shot of the whole gang  minus me ( I was taking the photo) and Alex. The backdrop is two of the three Triple Falls; these were featured in The Hunger Games movies.

I've started working on a class piece for a Betsy Morgan class in June- Can't See the Forest. And I'm gearing up for my Sherri Jones class the end of next week, The Button Book. I've been waiting for this class for awhile and am so excited to finally take it. No pre-stitching involved and I've been collecting buttons for it too. Will update when I get home.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted Threads" of friendship!