Monday, August 11, 2014

Under the sea...Under the sea.....

I can't get that song from The Little Mermaid out of my head and this is why!!!!

I've been working on the finishing for this off and on all weekend and finally have it done. This has been in progress for almost 2 years... but so worth the wait!!! This is Under the Deep Blue Sea  by Sue Hillis Designs. It was an exclusive project for a stitching cruise Sue did in 2012, but was later released to everyone. I changed the fabric to 28 count crystal Icon from ColorScapes because it had some "sparkle" to it--sadly you can't see that in the photo. I did stick with the DMC fibers however.

 I couldn't find the purple grossgrain ribbon that was called for around the top, but had just bought this adorable tiny pom-pom ribbon last week at a quilt shop and it filled the bill. It was a pretty large "gap" that had to be filled and cording would have had to be huge!!!

Here is the inside! There is a needlebook, scissor case and pocket (behind the top band). I also stitched the needlebook down around three sides, so it is also a small pocket. A friend had given me a box of beautiful turquoise beads and I made a scissor fob with them--thanks Deb!!! Note the turquoise anchor at the bottom right--so cute! The basket is lined with felted wool and I just attached with double stick tape after adding interfacing to the back.

Here are the additional smalls: a pincushion and a thread keeper.

I bought a small vial and am going to fill it with Ocean City sand the next time I'm there.

What next???

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Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm missing the beach............... a little ocean themed project was in order!!! My hubby and I usually sneak away in late summer for a few days at the beach. We literally sit  under an umbrella all day relaxing, reading and being mesmerized by the ocean. We will jump into the ocean to cool off periodically and take a stroll on the boardwalk for lunch, but then it's back to the beach chairs to chill. The beach is the one place I can totally relax and it so pleases all my senses--feeling the warmth of the sun, smelling the salt air, watching the waves and an occasional dolphin, being lulled by the small planes flying up and down the coast and burying my toes in the sand. I get to the beach a number of the times during the year for stitching events, but that is usually off season and there isn't time for sitting on the actual beach. So I treasure these quiet times with my hubby but alas, this year we won't be going. Now I'm not going to be too upset about this because we are heading to Alaska for 2 weeks in honor of our 40th anniversary. We are going with another couple (she and I have been friends since grade school) and we're doing a land tour, on our own, and then taking a cruise. So my senses, this year, will be stimulated with new and different types of sights and sounds that will definitely make up for, but not replace, the beach!

Enough back story..... let's get to the project!!! This was a little needlepoint kit I got from Salty Yarns, called Annie's Shells, that you inserted in a seashell as a pincushion. I do have to say it turned out pretty cute but was a bit of a bear to finish. It's very tough to get it glued in place and hold it there while it dried. My shell opening just wasn't cooperating so I wound up hot gluing the stitching in place---- e-gads!!! . I did it a little section at a time and stuffed the fiberfill behind it as I went along. I cut one finger on the shell, burned another with the hot glue but DID manage to finally get the little bugger in place. I made some cording to go around the edge, added a crab charm and voila...a shell pincushion!!! The two seashell pins came with the kit and I added the tiny orange fish (thanks Paola). 

I also have been working on a travel project in the car-- the top of a Whiskey Creek perforated box. I finished the top and here it is:

I wanted to share a new designer I stumbled across last week--I think on Facebook. The company is called The Little Stitcher. She has some incredibly wonderful designs and you can pay with paypal and download immediately. There are mermaid designs, a really cute Wizard of Oz piece and her newest, The Queen of the Bees (you know I got that one)! Here's a link to her etsy shop:

That's it for now--hope all have a great weekend!!!

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Saturday, August 2, 2014

One down...............47 more to go!!!!!!

My hubby and I do a lot of driving to visit family, friends, etc.. So, I am always on the lookout for projects I can work on in the car. It's funny because I can't read in the car without feeling car sick, but I can stitch...if it's on a larger count fabric.  I think it has something to do with the fact that when you read, your eyes are moving back and forth, but when you stitch, you are focusing on one particular spot. I could be wrong, but this is my theory and I'm sticking to it!!! Now I don't particularly like working on larger count fabrics but have found some projects over the years that fit the bill---mainly Shepherds Bush stockings, a couple Ewe and Eye and Friends Santa and Snowman and Bent Creek kits---all stitched on 18 count linen over two. Well, I've run out of those designs (at least until I get my future adopted grand kids who will need Xmas stockings) and had to find another path. Well, that I did...the Samsarah Calendar series, Fun Every Day!!! They are done on 14 count perforated paper, so I can definitely see it in the car, and very portable. I've kitted up the first three months for our vacation, but had to get one stitched right away. I'm being very anal and starting with January, then will work my way through the year, month by month. Who knows how long this will take, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the journey.

Here is the January design, an adorable little penguin (maybe I'll see one in Alaska)!!!

Before I got distracted by this little guy, I was working on a class kit by Catherine Theron, Travel-sized Quaker Sewing Roll. This is stitched on 40 count linen in what I call "Williamsburg" colors. I have the front stitched and am doing the nun stitch around the edge. This is taking a lot of time and is extremely boring, but I am plodding along. Next will be the needlebook and nun stitching the linen lining. And, yes my name is upside down ( and no I have not been imbibing) because that will be folded up to the inside as a "pocket".

I got a little forgotten surprise in the mail yesterday, a LE kit from the Silver Needle. It's The Charming House of Lindy Mouse by Just Nan. I really, really wasn't going to buy it and then I read the four seasonal description and folded. I'm not fond of mice, but figure I can tolerate this one! After all, another of Just Nan's mice won a judges choice award at Woodlawn!!!! Still trying to figure that one out!!!

That's it from my tiny part of the stitching world. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!