Friday, December 6, 2013

A Few Christmas Ornament Finishes.............

I've been stitching a Christmas ornament for my grand kids every year and this is 2013's contribution. I fell in love with the little sleighs and they were a quick stitch on perforated paper. The design is by Foxwood Crossings and is called Bread Sleds.

Next are a couple ornaments I stitched back in the 90's but never finished. I wanted to give two ornaments to couples with their first child born this year and these were perfect! First up is an old Bent Creek freebie called The Angel. I always loved this cute little angel!!! I know I stitched it on an R&R  blue fabric but can't remember what it was. I added the white Mill Hill snowflakes. As an aside, I found a stack of 8 heavy cardboard "coasters" at Target for $1 at Halloween. They work perfectly for ornaments since you're covering up the printed design anyway with your stitching!!! They also had square ones and I would think they might be available at other times of the year with different themes.

Lastly is an old Claire Hatten angel--can't find the chart I used so I don't know the name. Not your typical Christmas colors but it works! again, I used a scrap of R&R fabric and Gentle Arts threads--just can't remember what.

That's it for today. We're off to Richmond to babysit for the weekend. Had hopes of taking them to Busch Gardens tomorrow night for Homeland Christmas but they are calling for 80%  chance of rain. Guess we'll be playing that by ear!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!