Saturday, September 28, 2013


Just a quick little post to share a recent finish. This was a car project, since it was on a large count fabric, and worked an over the last year or so. It's the 2000 LE Santa from Ewe and Eye and Friends. I was so lucky to find this for sale on the internet a few years ago, along with the companion 2000 LE Snowman kit( blog post from 9/25/12). He was stitched with Anchor floss and Gumnut wools. Luckily I didn't run out of any fibers this time around--the snowman was a different story! And that may have been because the chart says it was stitched on 18 count linen, but in fact it was 25 count!!! So, I have HUGE snowman and a "dainty" Santa. No worries...I love them both!!! I did have a time with the belt; did not like seeing the fabric "peeking" through. So I took that out and stitched a cross stitch first, then laid the Black Velvet from Rainbow Gallery over top. Definitely liked that much better. Isn't he adorable????
So with out further ado.........

Today I'm going to work on taking out the "buggered" stitches from the Tall Square Seasons, restitch and hopefully start the finishing process. Wish me luck!!!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Scream Heard 'Round the World

Arghhhh!!!! I just ironed interfacing on the stitched side of one of my Tall Square Pieces!!!! What was I thinking!!!! Well, obviously, I wasn't thinking or paying attention. I managed to gently pull  it off and have put it aside for now to calm down. Most is acceptable but there are two rows of long arm cross that are looking pretty "fuzzy". I'm thinking I'll replace them. What would you do? Have you ever made this mistake? I'm going to try not to beat myself up too much----it could have been much worse! Just had to vent to people who might feel my pain! :)


Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Okay, I know that is usually reserved for the Christmas holiday, but fall is my favorite time of the year. I revel in the cooler weather, turning  leaves and numerous craft festivals that start to pop up! I feel invigorated and least until the time changes! :) I have all kinds of project ideas floating around in my head from redoing my kitchen to finally painting my bathroom to picking out furniture for our family room that Rich ( I am so proud of him) finally finished after 6 years. This was his ongoing winter project and he did it all from putting up the studs and dry walling to installing  the ceiling, lighting, trim woodwork and painting. We did have the carpet professionally installed and now it awaits the decorating--that's me!!! It's a huge room and quite intimidating but I figure one step at a time. We will be moving our office down there; it's been in our "dining room" for 8 1/2 years. Uh-oh...another project!!! So it's off to IKEA in Baltimore next week for ideas and hopefully some purchases. Here's a couple pics:
Family Room


 Now on to stitching....... I managed to complete the finishing of another project. It's a little out of season but I did stitch it in the spring, Just Nan's Hoppington Hill. It was a fun little stitch even with all the color changes after just a few stitches. That's a cute little round bunny button on the edge. I did add some bright flower pins but remembered them after I had already taken the photo so use your imagination! :)

 I've been searching for a new car project and am limited to the larger counts which I don't usually stitch on. Do any of you remember the perforated paper kits from Whiskey Creek that you made into boxes? Well, I came across a few of them in my stash recently and they are working great in the car! I can see the holes real well and it doesn't make me car sick like reading does. Not sure why that is but I'm not complaining..anything to keep from just sitting there staring out the window. Anyhow, I worked on my first one on our recent vacation drive and got the bottom of the box done. Here it is--don't you just love the colors--very Amish quilty!!!
Hometown Box by Whiskey Creek
The four sides will fold up and the large house will be the bottom. The top has 9 of the small houses on it. I just hope it will be easy to put together---all the mat board is included but you have to cut out the templates. Will keep you posted.

While on vacation to the Outer Banks, we had to drive right through Virginia Beach, so a stop at Dyeing to Stitch was necessitated. We had a very nice visit with Pat and Ann, the owners, and of course a little stash enhancement. They had all the new goodies from St. Charles Market and I did indulge but not overly so. Here is what I got:
 I've been searching for one of these for my car projects. It has the clamp for holding the chart and a drawer that pulls out to store your floss, scissors, etc. in. Thought it would be handy keeping it all in one small place. Also, it's hard to resist anything with an alphabet on it...isn't it?

The three charts are Snow Angel by Lone Elm Lane, an new designer at Market who came out with some wonderful designs, A Lady's Trimkeep  from Plum Street Samplers and A Needlebook Collage from Erica Michaels. 

I got my pre-stitching kit for one of two classes I'm taking at The Attic in November, The Unplayed Piano by Jackie du Plessis.I think that will be my next start. I am so looking forward to this trip but don't want to wish my time away between now and then. 

To end here are pics of my grand kids on the first day of school:

Loving his Ninja Turtle book bag on first day of kindergarten

All set for first day of pre-school

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