Tuesday, January 27, 2015

And They Sinned Update

It's a SNOW DAY!!!! At least as much as I can make it one! I still have to answer our business phone and pay some taxes (yuck) and make some phone calls, but in my mind and's a SNOW DAY!!!

I wanted to update on my progress  And They Sinned. I have been working most nights on this wonderful project and am enjoying it immensely. My fabric is not quite showing  true, it'a a darker golden brown..I wanted an "antique-y" look. I think I am at about the halfway point..maybe a little less. This piece will be about 40 inches tall when I'm finished.

I also started a new project ---haven't gotten very far but wanted to get those beginning stitches in. It is Common Thread Stitchers Mat by Threadwork Primitives. This was a Ladies Prim Society kit from Dyeing to Stitch. I had asked to see my friend  Sally's last fall, so I could decide if I wanted to hunt it down on E-Bay at some point. She graciously gifted the kit to me for Christmas--thanks Sal!!!

My Start

I've been remiss in posting this project which I began last fall at a stitching weekend. It's been in my "away" bag since then and will go with me this weekend (more on that later). This is Love My Stitching by Hands On Design. It will eventually become a project bag. I was lucky enough to find the actual finishing fabric used in the photo. This is on 28 count fabric so a good travel project, when I'm not sure of lighting.


I've also begun my February pieces for the Samsarah calendar.These are reserved for the car since it's about the only thing I can do while riding and I can't stand just sitting there on long trips. Can't read and can't stitch on small count. Just finished this one on a trip to see the grand kiddies!!!

........ and speaking of the grand kiddies--here's a photo of them playing in their 1/2 inch of snow! Don't get much snow , so they are very excited!

And speaking of snow.....I am scheduled to travel to Ocean City,MD for the weekend. A group of friends meet there very year to stitch and attend the Salty Yarns Super Bowl Sale. I'm planning to leave on Thursday but snow is forecast here for Thursday and Friday, so things are a little "iffy" now. If it's not much I can handle it, if it's BIG, then I have to rethink. So, fingers, toes, eyes and any other body parts I can, are crossed in hopes I can make a go of it! I'm moving forward with packing and thinking positive thoughts!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


Friday, January 9, 2015

First Stitch and Finish of 2015

Eight days in and I've already got my first stitch and finish for the year--yippee!!! You all must know I love "bee"s and so do all my stitching pals. This kit was passed on to me by my friend, Syd. She had gotten it from the Prim Ladies Club from Country Sampler, and knowing how much I loved bees, asked me if I'd like it. Well YEA!!!! So, Needlewoman Bust as a Busy Bee  by The Primitive HAre came to be in my possession. Thanks again, Syd!

This was such fun to stitch-- the colors are so "ME"!  I pretty much followed the chart and did add the buttons as in the original. I also found a really cute crown charm at Hobby Lobby and added that at the bottom in the row of buttons. Now the finishing instructions.....well,  let's just say it's a good thing I've been sewing since I was 10! :) 

I also wanted to show what I've accomplished on my Samsarah calendar pieces. I've just been working on these in the car, doctor's offices, etc..  I can "see" the holes fairly easy and the size is so small, it's quite portable. I keep it all in a little project bag that I can stuff into my purse if needed.
Here is January:

And, yes, I have been working on And They Sinned.  I have almost completed another band. woo-hoo!!!

This is usually the slow time of year with our business, so I'm able to get a bit more stitching done. I love curling up in my stitching nest with a cuppa, turning on Netflix and stitching up a storm! 

I also wanted to share one of my Christmas gifts from my friend, Sally. Like I said, my buds all know I love bees! Isn't it the perfect accoutrement? Thanks, Sal!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! Keep warm!!!


Sunday, January 4, 2015

Parking Your Needle...........

The other day I was reading Mary Corbet's blog and she was discussing various methods to store/park your needles. It reminded me that I have the "ultimate" needle storage system that I stitched years ago--2007 to be exact--by Judy O'dell of Just a Thought Designs. It is called The Ultimate Needle book..Simply Green.  Now I stitched this and promptly stored it in my display case.

 I don't usually have trouble distinguishing sizes of needles, but I do have trouble, once they're all mixed up, telling brands apart. My favorite needle is definitely a Bohin 28, even though I tend to "bend" them when I do the sewing method. But, they go through fabric so smoothly, I don't mind that I am constantly replacing them. But I digress---I really just want to share what I should be aspiring to use for needle storage and the method I actually use.

First up--the Cadillac of needle storage:

Inside with flap closed

Next up, my actual method used:

 This is My Stitching Chair Necessaire by Hillside Samplings. I also stitched this many years ago, early 2000's. I have used this every day since I completed it. It sits on the arm of my stitching chair and holds my needles, scissors and other helpful tools. You can see my "menagerie" of needles (I just threw away the pile of orts), so not much organization here! But a major downside to using this beautiful piece is this:

Sadly, my bottom edge has totally frayed, actually up to the hem stitching. Also, in the bottom photo, you can see my needle magnet (I park my scissors there) has worked it's way through the linen. So, here's the you use your finished pieces and chance this type of "wear" or do they remain in the display case to be admired from afar? I love the necessaire and so enjoy keeping it near me while I'm stitching. I often wonder if I should stitch it again..not to be "used". What is your opinion?

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Start to 2015....and the project that just keeps on giving!!!

Of course I had to start a new project today for the new year. After much consideration I decided on Needlewoman..busy as a bee! by The Primitive Hare (thanks Syd). Here is what I have done so far:

This is moving along quickly and I'll hope to have it finished soon and move on to another new project.

I also set up a  goal for this year (actually by June) to finish stitching And They Sinned by Examplar Dames. I started this mammoth piece in 2002 thinking that if I started at the bottom (where the densest stitching is) and worked my way up, I'd just sail along. Well.......that didn't happen and the piece has been pulled out and put away numerous times over the years. In fact my goal a few years ago was to get it done and again, it didn't happen. I'm not sure what my issue is as I really love this piece. I can remember the year it came out at the Charlotte needlework market and was displayed in the Gentle Arts booth. I kept walking by and walking by, staring at it, loving all the colors and motifs. At the time it cost $36 and that was astronomical for a chart then but I had to have it. So why does it languish in my to do pile??? Well I saw someone post about it on FB and that renewed my conviction!!! So here is what I have done so far---let's see if I can reach my goal of getting it done by June!!! My main motivator for this time frame is that I'm going to Cincinnati in June and would have our trusted framer from Twisted Threads, Bowmans Backdoor Framing, do the framing for me. Fingers crossed...or should I say stitching!!!! :)
The unstitched area at the bottom is where I'll put in the year I finished it!

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!