Saturday, June 25, 2016


I'm having a little down time this morning so thought I'd swing by and do a quick post. It is full steam ahead here at Chez Buhrman. The first pod is packed and we are awaiting the "switch" on Monday. We made a quick trip to Richmond this week to store my needlework in a climate controlled unit. (If you ever need to do something like this, consider renting a cargo van from Enterprise rather than U-Haul. It was less expensive and the van was very nice with a comfortable seat.) We signed the lease on a small cabin, not far from us, to live for the next two months. I'm starting to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" least for this phase of the move. Two weeks to go and we're out of our home of the last 11 years.

 I have truly loved this house.....  it's layout and location. I've come to love the solitude and peacefulness. I wasn't sure at first, having always lived in a city, but I adjusted fairly quickly. I am adaptable and know I will readjust to city life when we get to Richmond. After all, I will have local needlework guilds, theater, Williamsburg,  every store and/or restaurant possible AND the number 1 draw.....the grandkids!!! We'll be able to attend their ball games, school functions and be a help when the two adopted children from Africa finally become a part of our family. So much to look forward to!!!

Today is a sad day. I am saying goodbye to my stitching "nest". This has been a perfect chair to "needle" in (and I'm going to replace it ASAP in Richmond); but it is also a small "sofa" style bed and is extremely heavy. We have never used the bed and felt it best to sell and replace on the other end. A fond farewell to a nice family!

On the stitching front, I have completed Nova!!!! Happy dancing all around!! I started this in March 1998 and made it through approximately 10 1/2 rows before putting it aside for other projects. It definitely got "lost in the shuffle" but I rediscovered it in January and committed to get it done by the end of 2016. I am WAY ahead of was like an Utz potato chip..."you can't eat just one"!!! I couldn't stitch just one and consequently achieved my goal sooner rather than later. Now to decide on a finish. I've googled "Nova" to try to get ideas and haven't seen much. I will most likely frame it; it's just so busy, I'm not sure how...with mats or without....what color mat, etc.. I'll have to ponder this a bit--I want to do it justice. Any suggestions would be welcome!

I immediately pulled out a new project ( I have a basket ready to go to our rental place with kits) and have started Black-eyed Susan's Work box and Smalls by Jackie DuPlessis. I have only done some back stitching, so won't bother to share at this point.

Well, I will stop now and get some more packing done for the next pod. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship! 


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Stop the World...I Want to Get Off!!!!

Well, a lot has happened since my last post. We have sold our house and found out the new one won't be ready until mid-September. So, I am busy looking for temporary housing, comparing movers, Pods and U-Haul for storage and moving, packing boxes, selling on Craig's List and FB, had two yard sales at our house and thinking...thinking...thinking!!! I feel like my mind is swirling around like a mix master and I was getting physically drained. Sweetly, my hubby insisted I go to my pre-planned Betsy Morgan classes at Salty Yarns last weekend to revitalize. I did have a very relaxing time and did my best NOT to think what I should have been doing at home. Betsy did her usual fantastic job of teaching and the team at Salty Yarns/ The Lankford took wonderful care of us. I even treated myself to a pedicure--I needed that!!! Now I am back on track and trying to take each day as it comes. We need to be out of here by July 11th (and that was asking for a two week extension). We think we have found a furnished home to rent not far from where we now live ( will see that next Monday). 

So, I'm sharing all this because I'm not sure when I'll post again--probably after we've moved to the temporary house. At that point there should be a lull of about 2 months before the frenzy begins again to move into the new house. On top of all this, my younger daughter in NC is getting married October 8th, so we want to be at least semi-settled in Richmond by then. 

I'm still stitching in the evenings, when I can keep my eyes open and that does provide some down time. We're thinking about renting a small unit in Richmond to store my stitching in a  climate controlled building since the Pods storage is not. I was afraid heat would buildup and cause moisture under the glass on my framed pieces. So, another thing to plan and check out, but well worth it as a preventative. I'm also working on packing a number of projects, kits mainly, that I can work on over the next couple months that are all inclusive. Hopefully I won't pack something I'll desperately NEED!!!

I will leave you now but will be back as soon as some order/sanity has returned to my life. Sorry if I seem to be rambling.......

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted  threads" of friendship.