Monday, August 29, 2022

A new week.....

The birthday dinner went very nice..hardly any leftovers....even managed to squeeze in a game of Ticket to Ride afterwards. Should have taken a photo....I'm not good at remembering to do that in the moment!

Managed a bit more on Mrs. Claus's Knotting Shop  ......she's in the picture now as well as a little elf climbing a ladder!


Were you checking out the new designs from Expo this past weekend? I checked some sites and saw some cute things from a new to me designer, Pansy Patch Quilts. I think the idea from Cottage Garden Threads was fabulous.....they came out with four lovely fall colors of thread and had a bunch of different designers come up with charts that used those four colors. Top design by Liz Matthews, bottom by Tiny Modernist. Participating designers have that Autumn Garden image on the chart. Great marketing!!!  




However, my favorite new design wasn't part of Expo; I saw the finished pieces on Vonna's FB page as  Vonna did the finishing for these adorable ornaments by Lila's Studio....I ordered them right away!!! Not often I love every design on a chart,  but in this instance I do!!!


While checking out Lila's Studio's website, I found some sweet freebies here:

Lila's Studio

Did you find any "gotta haves" from the Expo? With Nashville being the only in person  wholesale market these days, it's nice the designers/vendors have another opportunity to sell/promote their wares via the internet.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship.



  1. How cute are all those little sweaters hanging in Mrs Claw’s window!
    I’ve been checking out all the new releases too and have a list as long as my arm……may be longer, lol.
    I’m trying not to order because I have so many that are all ready to go and I want to start them (I can’t manage to many wips at one time) But there is one I’m going to order and that’s Jan Hicks, Palace of the Winds (Lace design). I want to do it in a mauve or purple and was going to have a look at Cottage Garden threads to see if she has something suitable. I’ve not used them before.
    Happy Stitching! Sue x

  2. I saw those cute little sweaters on Vonna's blog too, they are just gorgeous, I shall probably add them to my wish list, but I'm trying really hard not to buy any new charts this year, as I have a list as long as my arm of things already bought and waiting to be started. There is just not enough time in Summer as we are busy in the garden.

  3. Love that little Elf going up the ladder!
    There are some cute designs out there.

  4. Those sweater ornaments are darling and are going to be purchased soon. I did purchase a set of those threads along with several charts. How did I miss the squirrel piece from Tiny Modernist? Glad the birthday dinner was a success.

  5. The sweater ornaments caught my eye, too, Stasi, but that is about all... I really am trying to limit any purchases because I have so many wonderful charts in my stash that I just keep passing by :) Nice progress on the knitting shop--it's just adorable!