Saturday, May 3, 2014

Betcha Can't Stitch Just One!!!!

Wow, it is amazing how a new idea can spread like wildfire on the internet! I belong to a few stitching oriented groups on FaceBook and there have been some posts in the last couple weeks highlighting pieces stitched and finished in a Tim Holtz pocket watch. I first saw this on Twisted Stitcher's blog back before Christmas and tucked the idea away in the back of my brain. Now, after seeing some new posts about them...I have caught the "bug"!!! These are made for scrap booking but work wonderfully for stitching. The possibilities are endless--you just need to find really tiny designs or be willing to stitch over one on smaller count fabrics. I dove in with an old chart I had on hand of a mermaid. It was one of the Essy breast cancer fundraiser kits (Elegant Stitch) from awhile back. It was called In the Pink and was designed by Midsummer Night Designs. I had stitched the kit and given it as a gift, but it came to mind when I was thinking about small designs to put in the pocket watch. I changed things up a bit, stitching it on a 32 count blue linen over one and just using leftover threads since it doesn't use much. I added a piece of a flat seashell for her "rock" and tan beads for "sand". It's pretty darn cute if I say so myself!!!  These will make great gifts and I'm thinking about a set of the 12 days of Christmas!!!!

I stitched and finished the latest kit from the Colonial Gatherings Club from Dyeing to Stitch. It was called Strawberry House by The Scarlett House. I just loved the colors and this and we got full skeins so I have plenty left for other projects.  Here's the back story: I very happily stitched the piece only to realize I had stitched the small urn of flowers to the right of the house. I remember thinking that I really liked the asymmetry of it all.

 Well the small urn was actually to be stitched as a scissor fob separately!!! But, I really liked the way it looked so I added some old buttons up the side and across the top and made it into a small pillow. I had  some really cool flannel fabric on hand that looks like rug hooking. The bird motifs and color went perfectly with the stitched piece. I thought about adding some rick rack--I had a perfect color to match--but decided to keep it plain. Sometimes less is definitely more! I did go ahead and stitch the scissor fob and sewed it on the back of the pillow. Now I just have to stuff it! 

Well I'm off to work on my next pocket watch piece!! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!!!