Friday, August 21, 2015

Stitching by the Sea.................. definitely where I wish to be!!!! But alas, it will have to wait until October. Then I'll be attending Stitcher's Jamboree at Salty Yarns in Ocean City, MD. I just got my pre-stitch kit in the mail today and love it!!! I won't share, as this will be premiered at the retreat, but will definitely show you the finished result...hopefully soon after that weekend. I will be taking three classes, the pre-stitch is for a class by Cathy Habermann of Hands on Design, then there are two classes with Cecile and her daughter from JABCO. We are going to learn how their buttons are made and actually get to make some ourselves. I have been curious about this for a LONG time!

To start getting in the mood, I have been working on ....SURPRISE...Stitching by the Sea by Hands On Design. Here is the chart:

and here is what I've gotten done so far:

This is a little holder (basket) for the pincushion.  I used a lighter fabric I had on hand, 30 count Hog Wild Blue from R&R. It isn't blue at all, but had lots of "distressed" areas and looked sand-like to me.

My hubby , handy dude that he is, was able to fix my collapsed bookshelf but I still think I need to lighten the load a bit. 

Grand kids are coming Sunday and spending 5 days with us, so not much stitching will be accomplished next week. We are planning a day trip to Baltimore to visit their great grandparents (and sneak in a haircut for me by my sister). We're also heading to a resort/water park in Massanutten,VA for an overnighter. Should be lots of fun but I'm sure I'll be needing a recuperative few days when we get back.

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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Message Received...............

So, my hubby and I heard an unexplained noise the other night while stitching/watching the boob tube, went to investigate and found nothing. Chalked it up to "hearing" things while distracted by the TV show we were watching. Lo and behold, I visited my sewing room yesterday and found this:

My IKEA shelf unit had "separated" under the weight of my stitching books!!! Oh-No
(as Mr. Bill might say)!!!!!  Hopefully we can fix it with a major gluing, but now I feel I have to consider if I should get rid of some of the books---not something I want to think about as I have a really nice collection. But, do I really need them all? How many stitch diagram books do I need? Will I ever stitch anything from the annual Vanessa Ann books I've been holding on to for years? I know .....need vs want/covet!!! Guess I've got some pondering to do!!!!

On to some stitching news! I did find some thin black velvet ribbon and encased the edges of my Alphabet Primer Pocket. I like it so much better now that I can't see the linen showing through the black joining stitches.

I also managed to get an accompanying small stitched and finished to go with the pocket and another small stitched. Here they are:

Village Scene Needlcase

Inside with needle pages

All tied up with ribbon and a bow

Village Scene Scisssor Minder and Sheath

I just need to finish up some nun stitch on the scissor minder and put it all together--set complete. Will share when finished!

I have started on a stocking for my new granddaughter, Anna's Stocking by Shepherds Bush. I think I'll be doing Oliver's Stocking for the grandson. I'm not sure they will be here by Christmas but want to be prepared in case they are. I want them to feel part of the family from the get go!!!

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Primer Pocket Completed

Here is my completed Alphabet Primer Pocket by Catherine Theron. I worked on the pocket yesterday and got the alphabet stitched and "glued" on to the horn book today while watching a couple episodes of Outlander. I love this piece, though I'm not totally happy about the joining. The instructions called for a chain stitch outline in black that you were to use to join the piece using each "side" of the chain stitch. Well, even with my glasses and Dazor, I had a lot of trouble seeing the black on black "loops". So I feel the joining is a little "wonky"!!! I am not fretting about it, but will give it time and see if I can come up with a finished edge that works for me. If I could find some narrow black velvet ribbon, that might be nice..or something along those lines. Anyway, here it is---ta-da!!!!

By the way, my grandson's team did not win the championship game, but lessons have been learned and his love for the game continues!!!

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Friday, August 7, 2015

In the Peaceful Valley

This will be a quick update on my Alphabet Primer Pocket by Catherine Theron. I have completed stitching the back, front pocket and moved on to the hornbook piece. I just LOVE this piece and it has quickly become one of my favorites...ever!!! I could look at the pastoral scene all day--it somehow mesmerizes me! Now on to the finishing...we'll see how that goes! 

On a side note, my grandson's baseball team (coached by my SIL) has made it to the all-star championship game for the 7-9 year old bracket. Here he is at his first game "under the lights" The game is tonight and we can't be there, but will be rooting long distance!