Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Some Redwork Stitches......

 I've worked a bit more on the red stitch band and am really enjoying it. It goes quickly since rows are short and only using one color. I have opted to leave out the pulled and hem stitched bands and pull some stitches from other sources. Everything above the Banded Cross is from the original project....below is from other sources.

I'm going to keep going until I run out of stitches...or steam!

Here is my camp badge on my project bag. Now if I can find the time to work on my chosen sampler. I have way too much to do by Christmas!!!

We went to an escape room Saturday with my daughter and granddaughters and were tomb raiders for a night. This was our second experience (different theme) doing this and we had failed horribly the first time with my brother and SIL. This time we made it out with 3 minutes to was tight but we did it!!! These are fun and challenging; it was good to have 'younger' brains working with us.

 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. You are really marching along on your band sampler. It is nice to have a “soothing stitch” to enjoy 😉 looking forward to which Sampler you will be choosing ….that is always exciting! I have never heard of “escape room”.
    I shall look it up! Sounds like fun and nice that you could do it with your girls
    Have a nice day
    Love, Paola

  2. So pretty!
    Love that camper fabric on you bag.
    The Escape room sounds like fun.

  3. Your red band piece is looking fabulous, Stasi. Cool bag for your camp stitch!