Thursday, September 15, 2022

Another Party Goer Joins US......

 The Count decided to wake from his deep sleep and join the Costume Party. There is one more little attendee to stitch, but Cathy hinted in a recent floss tube there may be more coming! I am going to hold off on a FFO until I see if I get more RSVP's! I crazy or what....I started a new project. I had seen this a few years ago and was attracted to it because I thought it was on banding and came with a cool spool. Come to find out it was on linen and the whole 36" or so was nun stitched......NOT!!! So, I've been on the hunt for a banding that would fit the spools...had to be under 2 1/2"....and found some last weekend at Salty Yarns. The designer had used various colors for the bands but I decided to do it all in Thread Gatherer In the Burgandy.  The piece is called Specialty Stitch Spool Wrap by Stitching Treasures. It goes fast...I just started last night...and I'll be learning a bunch of stitches! Win-win!

We have our first Guild meeting today and will be learning how to make paper beads, I think for a scissor fob. It should be interesting as our main program chair lives in Washington state and will be teaching via zoom and e-mailed instructions. What amazing times we live in!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. The Count is adorable. What a pretty spool! Glad you found banding for it!

  2. The Count is cute!
    That's a very nice banding project learning specialty stitches along the way.
    What a unique spool!

  3. For Count Dracula, he is a very cute guy! Love the specialty stitches :)