Sunday, December 11, 2022

A Milestone.....685

 Today is my 70th birthday....I am not going to dwell on the 'number' but all the and friends...that have shared these many years with me. And that is all I'm saying about this!!! Oops, I have to add that my hubby is making me breakfast as I sit and write this. :)

I'm going to share my latest finish, Noel en Bleu, by Lila's Studio. I stitched it on 18 ct perforated paper that I 'colored' with an ink pad to get a creamy shade. I used Victorian Motto shoppe fibers and mounted on a wood snowflake I found at JoAnns. These are such fun but have taken longer than I anticipated to stitch. I keep debating whether it needs a little extra bling like a charm or bow...what do you think?

My friend, Lisa, has given me a set of 25 small bags filled with "necessities" as an Advent calendar. I open one each day and it is so much fun!!! I have them stored in a large tin picnic box and pull the appropriate numbered bag out each day. Here is my box and a sampling of the bag contents. She also includes a little note about the item's use. Thanks so much Lisa for the daily surprise!


Good to be back....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. happy birthday to you - i've been 70 since the end of january and it's been awesome, so i think you'll be okay...

  2. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Stasi! I love your sweater ornament and I think it looks just find the way it is. Your tin picnic basket is lovely and what fun goodies you have opened so far.

  3. Oh, a milestone birthday! Happy 70th birthday, my friend... may all your birthday wishes come true!

    Your sweater ornament is darling--no additional doo-dads needed :) Enjoy those fun gifts from your friend!

  4. Maybe a little white glitter on the snowflake just for some sparkle? The sweater is so sweet. I'm envious of you right now, am 74 and haven't been able to stitch since August because of shoulder replacement revision surgery. The picture made my day. Thanks.

  5. Happy Birthday Dear Stasi! :) What fun your 25 goodies are from your friend.

  6. I hope you've had a wonderful birthday and got to do something special!
    I think your sweater is adorable as it is, great stitch and finish!
    What a fun advent calendar, enjoy every day.

  7. Happy Birthday Stasi, I'm just a bit ahead of you, I was 71 in June. I love what you have done to Noel en Bleu, it looks great. Normally I'm a 'less is more' kind of person but in this case I do think a little something would add to the finish, but you don't really want to interfere with the sweater, so I'm thinking maybe a few white beads on the actual snowflake to symbolise snow.

  8. Happy Birthday Stasi!
    I shared the same milestone as you in November. :)
    The ornament is cute with just the snowflake.
    Enjoy your Advent goodies.

  9. Hi Stasi: The little swather stitch is adorable, I have never thought of tinting the perforated paper its a wonderful idea.
    Nice idea from your friend Lisa.
    Happy Birthday


  10. Belated Happy Birthday Stasi, I'm so sorry I missed it but I hope you had a wonderful day. I love your little ornament. I don't think I would add a bow but if it were me, I would add some diamante to the centre of the snowflakes, so they sparkle. Happy Stitching! Sue