Thursday, February 16, 2023

P, Q and R...and some Antiquing Finds.....

 First, the game last night was a good one but our team lost; they were down two players.  It was very evenly matched so no nail biting and I came out with my fingers intact! 

I got a few more "letters" stitched:

Oops, the Q is upside down!

I spent a lot of time yesterday organizing and cleaning out my craft/sewing room. When it's looking 'tidy', I'll share some photos.

I said I'd share my antiquing finds, so here they are.....not a lot but some fun stuff...and all but the tiny tomato were on sale! I will change out that fabric on the spool chair. The shoe form is a child's size nine. The basket is a repro and missing a peg but thought it would look cute with a band of some sort.

 I fell in love with this tiny green teapot and McDonalds mug!


 Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What interesting finds you came away with especially the spool chair and McDonald's mug! Sorry about the loss for the boys! Does this end their season?

  2. Sorry your team didn't win.
    You found some cute things, love the teapot!

  3. That's a nitle stash you managed to collect. That spool chair is so cute and will look great with a stitched cover - may be Bargello! Happy Stitching. Sue x