Friday, February 3, 2023

And It's Gone...But I am Merry.......



Well the snow lasted about a minute. ....maybe longer than that but not much. I know a lot of you are having extreme cold weather and snow to deal with, so I won't belabor the fact that I'd like just a few inches. Some winter weather is coming our way this weekend...just no snow...., so I will be satisfied with that. I had a good almost three hours to stitch as we watched Wakanda Forever on Disney. I really love the colors and simplicity of these designs. I am deciding whether to do two separate pieces or one reversible one.

Tonight starts my virtual treat with Violets and Verses. I got my retreat in a box earlier this week and wanted to share what all came in it. Here goes....

This is the main design

Finishing Supplies

Board we'll paint to mount design on

Snacks...and yes that is a cookie on the right

Two make it Take it Kits

A Pouch of fun Goodies

A Tomato chart, hand lotion and finishing supplies


A Stitching Mat by Stitching Frills

I know...a crazy box of exciting! I can't wait until we officially start tonight. Then I am going to my friends tomorrow and we will participate together. It should be fun and I'll report back on it as soon as I can. I have company coming Sunday for a couple days and will be tied up with them. Then I leave next Thursday for Super Bowl weekend in OCMD. There are usually four groups of us who go every year and we were able to get apartments at the Lankford for probably the last time. The new location of Salty Yarns will be open and I am excited to see it. I always have good intentions for posting while in OC, but it never seems to happen. And last time the internet was very iffy. Bottom line is.... don't worry if I don't post for a bit! 

I hope you all have great days ahead that involve stitching of some sort.. Stay warm and safe!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. What a fabulous pile of goodies! Sounds like the most wonderful weekend of stitching. And I am so envious of your last weekend at the Lankford. I can't wait to see the new shop, but at the same time, I'm going to miss the good times at the Lankford.

  2. Sorry your snow didn't last. :(
    What a great box of goodness. Even snacks!
    Have fun with it!
    Superbowl weekend will be fun
    Sounds like you have a busy week next week.

  3. Your retreat box was amazing and full of such fun goodies by the looks of things. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the weather stays kind to you. We in the UK and being warned of another really cold spell with the threat of snow, but were I am in the South East, we usually miss the worst of it. Happy Stitching! Sue x

  4. Merry looks great and you are off to a good start on Be Bright, Stasi. What a wonderful box of goodies for your online retreat. Hope you have a wonderful time! Enjoy the coming week with your friends, your trip to OCMD and the new location of Salty Yarns.

  5. We came home to snow after being in Florida for days. Pretty, but! Of course, it's all melted now. Have a wonderful trip to OCMD--would love to see photos of the new shop!