Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Final Stocking....(363)

Today's Stroll features my younger daughter's Christmas stocking. It too is needlepoint, but I added the little paper gift tags.

My daughter said it was okay for me to share what she posted on her blog yesterday about James and Esther...get out the kleenex!!!
"Y'all... I am totally avoiding my phone. The second I pull it out Esther wants it and then won't release it... it's a battle I'm trying to avoid. So thank you for all of the texts checking on us, I just may be slow to respond! LOL
Wanted to share a few fun praises with you... Overall, the days are totally up and down. I keep laughing that I'm watching a child psych/sociology project unfold. :) But there are a few things that just really stand out as unexpected and wonderful...
- The kids have slept through the night every.single.night since they've been with us. We're all getting lots of sleep. Woo hoo!
- All 4 kids are getting along really well. They are siblings. They get frustrated, they don't want to do the same things, etc. But they are enjoying each other 1000 times more than not and both the boys and girls have lots in common that helps the bonding.
- Zero food issues have popped up so far... Which is a 180 from last year. Esther had previously been frantic about food and would eat anything that looked slightly edible, even if it wasn't (like lotions, chicken bones, etc.).
- Their education was MUCH better than we expected. They are both reading, writing, doing math, etc. James can do division, basic algebra, etc. They want to do "homework" with me daily. They are begging to start school. Discovering what they know is so much fun.
- Esther started REALLY talking to me today. Prior to today, she answered questions, gave one word answers, called our names and pointed, etc. Today she layed down and just chatted away... It was priceless. She knows way more English than she lets on. ;)
- James handed me a rock today with writing on it. I said "where did you find this?" He said, "I wrote this for you."
Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Another lovely needlepoint stocking, Stasi! Thank you for sharing your daughter's post. I am thrilled the kids are adjusting to their new home and family. Such good news!

  2. This is just so precious. I'm glad your daughter let you share it.

  3. Oh Stasi. I am such a softie. Here I am crying again. Thank you for sharing this. I shared it with my daughter and husband.❤️

  4. Oh Stasi, that is such good, heartwarming news! I'm so glad for you all.

  5. Well my tears are falling. That is such a sweet and heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing with us. RJ

  6. Stasi, Please thank your daughter for sharing this with us. What a sweet and smart little boy James is to write that on the rock...that is the tearjerking moment of this story. I'm so happy to hear they are adjusting well and looking forward to going to school. BTW, your stocking is very sweet too....

  7. Oh Staci, your hearts must be so full! I’m so glad things are going well!