Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Fun Pair to end the Year.....(439-440)

As we are winding down the year, I too am considering winding down this blog. Stasi's Stitch Stroll kind of took on a life of it's own in 2017 and after almost 365 days of posting over 430+ finished projects, I'm a little burned out. I do have some projects I haven't shared yet and will continue to do that, but without the pressure of a daily post. I'll still post my current projects and things I think will be of interest. So, don't forget about me--please check back or maybe even set me up in Feedly or another news feed site. Thanks for your continued support this past year and hope to see you in 2018!!!

Today's final Stroll for 2017 is a pair of LE Ewe and Eye and Friends kits! They came out with these every year for a number of years and were always on the expensive side. I got mine second hand on the internet at a fantastic price.....and they were the original kits!!! I was ecstatic!!! These were both car/travel projects since they are worked on 18 count linen. First up is the Santa from 2000, stitched in 2009. Isn't he the cutest??? A friend of mine, who does so much for me, fell totally in love with him ( I even found her whispering in his ear) and so,  he became hers.

Next up is the LE Snowman from the same year; he remains here with me!

Thanks for the support of 'Stasi's Stitch Stroll' and your "twisted threads" of friendship. I wish you all a Happy, healthy and stitch filled New Year!



  1. Both the Santa and the Snowman are darling. I will miss your daily posts, but happy to hear that you aren't going away completely. I look forward to seeing what you are working on and hearing about your stitching adventures when you do post. Enjoy this last day in 2017 and wishing you much happiness and many stitches in 2018.

  2. Oh I never saw these before! They are awesome!! What a year! I don't blame you for being burned out, every day is A LOT!! Happy New Year Stasi!

  3. Dear Stasi
    Thank you very much for guiding us through this amazing tour of your creativity, love for needlework and generosity
    I wish you nothing but the best for the time to come and will keep looking forward to your future posts

  4. Adorable! I don't know how you kept up with posting every day for a year! I have to hand it to you. Happy New Year, Stasi, to you and yours!

  5. I've enjoyed your daily posts--but can understand how you could burn out after a year. Glad to know that you'll continue to blog, just not every day!
    BTW, these are adorable!!

  6. Stasi, These are both adorable and what a generous gift to your friend, that Santa was so much work!!

    I have enjoyed my daily visits to your blog so much, I'm so impressed with the detail of your work and your finishing is without par. This has been a huge effort on your part but certainly must have been very satisfying to chronical all your stitching over the years. I enjoyed all your posts and hope you update your blog with your current finishes. We won't miss anything as you are on our blog roll. Hope you continue to stop by and visit us! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!! Mary

  7. What fun these last two stroll pieces are! I'm especially partial to the Santa - he's delightful!

    Have so enjoyed seeing all the amazing things you've stitched - and finished! Thank you for sharing them with us - daily posts for an entire year must have been exhausting even though it was something so fun. I'll look forward to seeing updates on current stitching, so please don't be a stranger.

    Happy New Year!

  8. I have very much enjoyed your blog this past year. You deserve a break and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

  9. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment of posting here every day of 2017! I've greatly enjoyed each one, but understand the need to pull back. I took off the entire month of December from both blogging and stitching. It was a nice time of renewal. :)

  10. Thank you Stasi for all the hard work of doing a daily blog with so many exeptional stitches and finishes. I've enjoyed it so much. I will not miss your new posts of 2018' can count on that. Oh my the Santa and Snowman are both adorable. What a fabulous gift. RJ

  11. My goodness, I can't imagine posting daily, Stasi--good for you! I am lucky if I post twice a month. It really is a lot of work, so my hat's off to you :) Love these guys and I truly look forward to your newest stitching finishes in 2018! Happy New Year!