Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Ornaments, Ornaments Galore....(375-381)

For the next few...maybe more...days of my Stroll, I'm going to be sharing more Christmas ornaments. Who doesn't love Christmas ornaments???

I started out by choosing ornaments from the annual JCS issue to make for the grand kids, but drifted away and tried to find, when possible, designs that fit their interests at the time.

This was Asher's ornament in 2011; I made the tuckaway pillow and added the bells on the corners.
Run, Run Rudolph  JCS ornament issue 2009  Raise the Roof Designs

This was Cora's in 2011; I found the perfect 'rosette' trim for this!

Christmas Magic   JCS ornament issue 2010  Charlotte's Web Needlework
This was Cora's in 2010; stitched on 2 layers of perforated paper.

Madonna and Child JCS ornament issue 2010  Brooke"s Books

This was Asher's for 2010. He loved Thomas and I was able to find a book on E-bay that had cross stitch designs of Thomas and his friends.

This was Cora's in 2012 and I guess you can figure she loved Elmo! I found a free chart on the internet! There are lots of generous people there, but I always make sure it is an actual "freebie" and not a published design someone has hacked.

Same with Asher's from that same year; I found a free chart of the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles and "tweaked" it.

Finally for today is a Hawaiian Santa from Mill Hill on perforated paper. I did this in 2013 for a friend who vacations in Hawaii.

Whew..thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. I love seeing ornaments (whether they are Christmas or other themes), so bring them on, Stasi. What a wonderful ornaments you have created for your grandchildren and your friend!

  2. Oh such fun! Great ornaments Stasi. :)

  3. Oh what wonderful ornaments you have created for the children Stasi. I know they must love to receive them. Enjoy the happiest time of the year with your wonderful family. RJ

  4. Ninja Turtle ornament - oh my! We have an Elmo ornament on our tree also (not stitched, though). These are all wonderful! I especially like the Magic you stitched for Cora in 2011 - so delicate and pretty.