Sunday, December 24, 2017

And the Stockings Were Hung.....(403-406)

Are you all ready for the Big day...or scrambling to do last minute tasks/errands? You can "stick a fork in me"...I'm done!!! I finished up my house cleaning this morning and can now rest until we go to church at 2:00, followed by dinner at my daughters...phew! I do have to admit I had some help with the cleaning spree...this is how a man does it (note the head lamp)!!!

My Stroll pieces today are another set of Christmas stockings that I stitched for my oldest and dearest friend and her family back in the late 80's early 90's. We've been friends since grade school---over 55+ years!!! The stockings were a series called Victorian Christmas by a designer/artist called Charles Ross. There were at least 8 of them and I did 4. I sewed them flat to a piece of red felt and did a decorative stitch around the edge on my sewing machine. Here you go:

I happened to stumble across an old project while tidying and thought I'd go ahead and finish it up for next Christmas. It's an old Black Sheep Night kit from Ewe and Eye and Friends called Olde St. Nicholas. I only have to finish the beard, eyebrows, moustache and hat band. It's a bigger piece, approx. 9X6.5 inches, so not exactly an ornament, but fun nonetheless.

So, finish up your last minute preps, relax and start to enjoy the blessings of this special day!
Merry Christmas to all, thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. The stockings you made for your friend and their family are lovely, Stasi. I think your Olde St. Nicholas piece would make a wonderful pillow are wall hanging. Christmas preps have been just finished with Max getting a bath. Have a wonderful Christmas Eve Day!

  2. Love those stockings you made for your good friend Stasi. I'm sure she cherishes them. Olde St. Nicolas is fabulous...yes a pillow or a pinafore would be great for him. Or like Robin also suggested a nice all hanging.

    I'm done and just enjoying the festivities now. My house is cleaned, my baking is done, and my shopping finished last night. I do have to wrap yet. We have a party tonight and then midnight Mass. The best to you too. RJ

  3. Merry Christmas Stasi! What a beautiful, loving gift you made your friend and her family. Old St. Nicholas is so great. I am glad he will get finished.

  4. Love Old St Nick and looking forward to see how you finish him. More amazing stockings!! WOw, I'm impressed your husband doesn't want to miss anything!!

  5. What beautiful stockings you made for your friend's family! I like the way they all go together but that each has a different look.

    Had to laugh at the headlamp - my husband has one just like it and uses it whenever he gets the chance.