Friday, December 29, 2017

Love is All You Need......(437)

I'm very late posting today because we left early to drive my parents home and have finally, after lots of Friday afternoon traffic, arrived home. Whew!!!

But this worked out well since I wanted to share a piece I did for my parents and couldn't find a photo here at home. Today is a special day for my parents, as well as our family, as it is their 66th wedding anniversary. On their 50th anniversary, I stitched a sampler for them. It is Honor Thy Father by R&R Reproductions. I changed the design to say 'honor thy parents', added myself and my siblings and motifs that would mean something to them and/or stood for the qualities in their marriage. 

Here they are on their wedding day, cutting the cake!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh what a beautiful couple they make. Your Dad is so handsome and your Mom looks like Donna Reed. I love the sampler you made for them...what a wonderful gift! I know it meant the world to each of them. It was so thoughtful and had so much meaning. RJ

  2. What a fabulous sampler you created for them, Stasi! I love the picture of them cutting their cake. Sending best wishes and the happiest anniversary greetings to them.

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents. Oh you look very much like your father. :) I love your sampler Stasi.

  4. Stasi, This is such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. I love how you customized it for their 50th! How amazing that they are celebrating their 66th anniversary! They make such a beautiful couple, your mother is gorgeous and I love her dress, was it satin? The groom is so handsome too!!! I wish them a very Happy Anniversary!!

    1. Yes, the dress is was satin. My Mom has always wanted someone to wear it, but she was so darn tiny, its hard to find someone to fit.

  5. Happy Anniversary to your parents, Stasi, they are so very blessed, as are you and your siblings to be able to celebrate 66 years together.
    Your sampler is gorgeous and looks wonderful for having been stitched 16 years! I love how you made it personal by making changes to the motif...what a brilliant idea.
    I also adore the wedding pic, thank you for sharing it. Look at your Mom's's gorgeous, as is your Mom, and your Dad looks so dapper in his tuxedo...what a treasure!
    Have a very Happy New Year