Thursday, December 21, 2017

Ooh la La....more ornaments....(382-395)

My ornament Stitch Stroll continues today, but before you check mine out, consider a hop over to Carol's blog and check out her annual Parade of Ornaments at Stitching Dreams; they are precious and worth the visit!

Here we go with some more of my past ornament projects....first up are the ornaments I made for Asher and Cora in 2013, Bread Sleds from Foxwood Crossings.

Next are two angels I made for friends of my daughters when they had their first babies in 2013. The pastel one is by Claire Hatten Designs and simply called Angel. Claire was around for a time in the mid to late 90's and then just disappeared. I really love her designs and was sad to see her go. The second one was a freebie chart from Bent Creek called The Angel.  I added the snowflake charms and mounted this on a heavy cardboard "coaster' that I found in a a set at Target. I also tend to bring the cardboard coasters home from restaurants as they are a perfect size to mount round ornaments.
Angel by Claire Hatten Designs
The Angel by Bent
Up next is an ornament I made for my grand nephew. His family celebrates both Hanukkah and Christmas so I made a reversible ornament. The menorah was a freebie I found on the internet and the Santa chart was from the Leisure Arts book 250 Small Christmas Ornaments.

These are ornaments I made for three other grand nieces/nephews (front and back). I feel like they were from a Better Homes and Gardens charts, named Polar Caps...or something, but can't remember and got rid of the chart awhile ago. I added the bells!

This was Asher's 2014 ornament, a Mill Hill kit on perforated paper; he's a baseball fanatic.
Mill Hill Kit

And 2014 was the year of Frozen, so I found a chart on the internet for Cora.

 Warm Wooly Mitten Stuffers by Need'l Love were the ornaments for 2015 stitched on Heatherfield fabric.  I added the JABCO buttons to embellish the fronts and stitched their initial on the back.

Warm Wooly Mitten Stuffers from Need'l Love

As I said earlier, I try to tailor the ornaments to the kids interests when possible. Cora is very into anything "Paris" and Asher was thrilled beyond thrills when the Cubbies won the World Series last year. So, their 2016 ornaments reflect that!

Ooh La La by JBW Designs

 I appreciate you allowing me to share all these with you; it's helping me keep track, but I hope you too are enjoying the Stroll. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


  1. Another batch of delightful ornaments. Did you design the Cubbies or find it on the 'net? I remember that leaflet by Needl' Love.

  2. So many lovely ornaments you have made Stasi. I especially love the Cubs design. It is so cute! RJ

  3. Thanks for the tip on the cardboard coasters Stasi. I found the free Angel pattern by Bent Creek. I am off to print it. Thank you! It is adorable. My mom adores angels and I usually make her one every year.
    I am very drawn to Cora's ornament for last year. ;) I like the crowns you filled in with. Clever!

  4. Such adorable ornaments you've made for your grandchildren! I think it's extremely cool that you do one for each of them every year.

  5. What great personalized ornaments!! The BC angel is sweet and I like how you added the little snowflakes, great idea to use the coasters for form, I'll have to start pocketing them! I was thrilled the Cubs one too, great ornament for Asher. Those little mittens are adorable!! You always have so many great projects to share!