Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ornaments #5 and Stocking #1......(356-360)

Yesterday was a loooong day, but ended in such joy!!! The looks on all my grandkids faces as they saw each other the first time was priceless!!! We received HUGE hugs from them which melted our hearts. I'm happy to report, as we left last night, that the children were all bonding in their rooms together! :)

Now on to some stitching....yesterday's Stroll post would have been the following ornaments. The Santa is a needlepoint one I did in 1979 and the  Winter Wonderland is another Mill Hill kit stitched in 1993. Snow Happens is by Sisters and Best Friends, stitched in 2000 and finished in a  little tin tub ( sorry I just realized you can't see the tub but, trust me, it's there). Sparkles was a "freebie" chart from Mosey n Me and completed in 1999.

Today's post is the first of the needlepoint stockings I did for my family back in the 70's/early 80's. I have since made new ones for my girls families but hang their originals at my house. I shared my older daughters set back in July; they are all Shepherd's Bush stockings. I recently shared my younger daughter and her husband's in progress this past summer; I'll repost them later this month to make an "official" part of my Stroll. Up today is hubby's:

So today I am going to relax, have a cuppa, stitch and recuperate from watching our two grandkids the last 5 days. I can only imagine what four will entail!!! :)

Thanks for all your support and "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. What a gorgeous stocking you created for your husband, Stasi and lovely ornaments. I am glad the kids are starting the bonding process.

  2. Just a fabulous stocking you made for your dear husband Stasi. Love all the ornaments too. It must be wonderful seeing the bonding taking place. Blessings to all of you. RJ

  3. Hello!

    I'm visiting you from Vicki's blog.
    What lovely Christmas stitching. I love the stocking - I keep meaning to make myself one but I never seem to get round to it!
    It must be great to have your Grandchildren and seeing them getting on well together.
    Have a good week x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Meghan and your kind comments. You'll have to get working on that stocking!!!

  4. Such a bright and cheerful stocking! Sweet little ornaments too, I can't wait to see your tree decked out!

    So happy to hear the bonding process is going well, it's wonderful how children adapt so well.

  5. Oh your ornaments! I love that Santa!! Your husband's stocking is wonderful. :D Oh wow! I can only imagine how EXCITING ;) it will be watching FOUR in the future! Gear up Grandma and Grandpa!! Ha ha!