Friday, December 22, 2017

The End of the Ornament Stroll....I Think.....(396-399)

I think I'm winding own on the ornament Stroll, but things keep popping up or I remember one I did one for a friend or relative and hadn't taken a picture. 

Here is the first ornament I stitched for Asher.....note it says "Gram". That was what we had decided to call me when he was born, as that was what I had called my grandmothers. But somewhere along the line Asher pointed to me and called me "Mimi", so that is what stuck! Stitched in 2008, I added the JABCO buttons.

Merry Santa Heartstrings/The Artist's Collection 2006 JCS Ornament Issue
 This one was for Asher's 2nd Christmas in 2009.

Frosty Fun by Prairie Schooler  2009 JCS Ornament Issue
This was a gift to my grand niece in 2008, on her first Christmas.

Angel Better Homes and Gardens Ornament Issue 2008
 Now, a current finish....Sally, from Salty Yarns, had stitched five designs from this series on black perforated paper and added to a can see it here; Chalkboard Ornament Wreath . I fell in love with them and decided to stitch them for the four grandkids this year, thinking it would be an ez-pz finish. But then I saw another finish on FB (RJ, I thought it was yours but now I can't find it) and am going to go in a different direction!!! The one I did complete, and am giving to my neighbor, is Sugar Plums from the Chalkboard Ornament series by Hands on Designs. I did it on 14 count black perforated paper and attached to felt; the felt leaves and red button came with the chart. 

 And last, but definitely not least, is an ornament gifted to me from my blog friend, Robin. I love reindeer motifs and this one is "double" the fun! Thanks so much, Robin, for thinking of me; it is hanging up front on my tree!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh these are wonderful. I like Asher's first one very much. What sweet gift from Robin. :O)

  2. Love the story from Gram to Mimi, Stasi! Your ornaments are all fabulous. I look forward to seeing what direction you go in for the chalkboard ornaments. Enjoy your reindeer pair!

  3. Since I found your blog only late this year, I need to go back and look at all of your beautiful ornaments, Stasi! I love the idea of doing the chalkboard piece on black perforated paper--that would be a nice quick gift for someone :)

    Oh, I just realized we have a mutual friend in Robin! She is such a sweet person!

    Wishing you a lovely Christmas, Stasi! What fun it will be with your grandchildren :)

  4. Stasi, your ornaments are wonderful. Each and every one of them. I love the blackboard design and the first one for Asher.

    What a beautiful gift from Robin...I know you will treasure this one. She is such a great person and friend to so many. RJ