Friday, December 8, 2017

Baby's First Christmas...(354-355)

Today's Stroll pieces are my girls First Christmas stockings/ornaments. One is down in crewel and the other in cross stitch. They were little kits , probably Bucilla, Sunset or Dimensions. We sure didn't have the selection of designs back then!!! They've come a long way baby!!!

I finished the Noel piece and attached the four letters to a perfect ribbon from Hobby Lobby ( I knew they wouldn't let me down). I just used double stick tape for the time being (may attach with thread later), made a bow with some bells at the top and hung from a cookie cutter.

Sorry about my photos; my old camera died and I'm adjusting to a spare from my hubby.

My daughter and SIL have started their travels home with their children--we can't wait!!! 

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Whoopee! I am so happy to read they have the children and are headed home!!!!!!!
    What precious ornaments. You know which one my heart is drawn to. ;)
    What a cute, cute project your NOEL piece turned out to be Stasi. Well done. I am glad you finally finished it off. :D

  2. Stasi, I love the pretty blue ribbon you found for your Noel letters. So happy to hear that your family is on their way home with the kids. Woohoo!

  3. Thrilled to hear K and company are headed home!

  4. Stasi, I can't imagine your anticipation at meeting your new grandchildren. I'm thrilled for all of you and hope the flight goes well, it's going to be such a strange experience for those children.

    Stasi, Keep using your husbands camera, I can see your work much better. Love the ribbon you chose for Noel, it works perfectly. I love that you used the cookie cutter as a hanger!

    Both stitches are lovely mementos of your girls first Christmas.

  5. Such beautiful work you do, Stasi! Can't wait to hear all about the new grandkids--what a blessing :)

  6. Stasi, what wonderful news that the family and it's newest members are all on their way home. What a blessed and perfect Christmas this will be.

    I love the ribbon you put the NOEL looks perfect and so pretty.

    And the stockings are so beautiful and so meaningful too. Great job. RJ

  7. How fantastic that they're on their way home!!

    The first Christmas stockings are both beautiful - your crewel work is as perfect as your counted stitching. And the NOEL letters on the ribbon look great!

  8. I have one of the crewel stockings for each of my children. My daughter is now pregnant and I really want to make one for my grandson. Is the pattern/kit still available????