Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ornaments #4 ......(351-353)

Today's Stroll features more ornaments...I hope you're not getting bored!!! These are "sister" ornaments from my other daughter's. The snowflake girl (1994) is by Patrick's Woods, the Santa (1991) from Astor Place and the tin angel (1988) unknown.

I have done a complete about face on my ornaments to the grand kids this year. I started stitching ones from Hands on Design on perforated paper (you will see a shot of it later on) that have the 'chalkboard' look. I love them but they are taking way to long to stitch!!! So I found some adorable small frames at Michael's yesterday and am looking for small designs I can stitch over one to fit. I got one stitched last night but forgot to bring it home with me. I'll try to post a photo of it tomorrow.

So, part of our babysitting duties this week has been to "stage" Asher and Cora's Elf on a Shelf. My daughter has been doing this for years and they still get excited about it. Every morning they wake up to Nippy and DJ having gotten into some mischief over night. Yesterday they woke up to find the elves sleeping on a bed of snowman Peeps ....must have had a busy night at Santa's workshop!!!

Last night it seems Nippy and DJ decided they wanted to help me out!!! DJ even has the needle in her hand!!!  Any ideas for the next two nights would be welcome!!!

Hope you're having some holiday fun and thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!


 PS     Don't forget to enter my are the details from the 11/22 post..good luck!!! I am extending the deadline to enter until 12/10/17.

"I just realized today is my 500th blog post....330 just this year--wow!!! To celebrate I'm going to have a giveaway. For every comment left between today and November 30th, you can enter to win the framed piece, Out of the Box by The Trilogy; it's tiny and can fit almost anywhere. Or, if you'd rather do some of your own stitching, you can enter to win the chart Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow  by Carriage House Samplings. Just leave a comment and state which item you want a chance to win. You can have one entry per post through the 30th and I will pick the winners on December 11th." 


  1. I love your ornaments Stasi. Nippy and DJ are a blast! You are not staying over night with the kids?
    It is snowing here!

  2. Never bored with ornaments (either stitching or viewing). Hmmm, Nippy and DJ look like they are having fun. How about a gift wrapping vignette?

  3. A dirty mug, hot choc (instant kind) wrapper and half a marshmallow; stairs in the house? A sled and elf on the railing; wrapped gift or two, scissors, scotch tape and sleeping elves over a scrap of wrapping paper; piano or other musical instrument, Christmas sheet music, ? microphone and elf; otherwise a CD of Christmas music and elves. Have fun!

    1. Lots of good ideas there--- sounds like you have experience!!!

  4. Stasi, your ornaments are so sweet. I love them all. How about those little elves come to RJ's house and help her with all she needs to do. She is very behind this year. RJ

  5. More lovely ornaments! Love that Santa (he's in my stash).

    Oh my, elves... some people are so incredibly creative with elf hijinks, but (said my grinchy side) I'm glad my kiddos were grown when this craze started.

  6. Not having children I know nothing about this elf craze!! I think it's a fun idea, like hunting for Easter about having one in a cookie jar and the other on top of it. OPening up a wrapped Christmas gift?

    Never bored viewing your beautiful stitching. Love the angle with the snowflakes. Another entry for Hawk run...have a great weekend. Mary

  7. Check Pinterest for elf ideas. πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸ€ΆπŸ»