Friday, August 4, 2017

The Unplayed Piano.......(216)

I am sooooooo happy to finally be able to share the piece that has been giving me such a challenge. It will be my Stroll piece for today as it was stitched in 2013 and finish finished over the last week. I took this class, The Unplayed Piano, from Jackie duPlessis at the Attic in November, 2013. I should have jumped on the finishing right after the class when things were fresh in my head and taken more photos in class to help at home. I didn't do things exactly as Jackie directed but improvised and am pleased with the outcome. I added my younger daughter's initials on the back; she is the piano player in our family and I made this for her. The pincushion was a little extra Jackie gave us in class. I love how the front looks like a sheet of music and the back was a basic darning stitch in variegated floss. 





Front Pincushion

Back Pincushion
 Now the really cool thing is that Jackie's piece was based on an antique leather piano etui. If I remember correctly, she was asked by the EGA, who has the original in their collection, to design a piece to replicate it. I think she did a really good job!

 Image result for antique piano etui

As for current stitching I completed the first large band on the stocking

and week 16 on the Blue Sampler Band SAL, the three alphabet bands (we got it a day early).

 A BIG thank you to Sandra who had pointed out earlier in the week that I had missed a strawberry. I mistakenly thought she meant on the stocking, and it was too late to fix that, but she had meant the Schoolhouse piece. And, lo and behold, I had missed one there! Stitchers really are so very kind and considerate!!! Thanks again Sandra for your diligence; I will take care of it ASAP!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi, what a fantastic piano you created! Well done! Good going on getting the band on the stocking finished along with seek 16 of the Blue Sampler SAL. Enjoy your Friday!

  2. wOw!That piano is fabulous! The leather one is too!! So neat! Alex's stocking is looking wonderful.

  3. Beautiful job on the Piano! (want to put mine together for me?)

  4. Stasi, That piano is incredible! It is a creative design and you did a great job on yours. I am thinking it felt good to move it from the UFO/WIP pile to the finished. The stocking is coming along nicely, as is the blue sampler band. Happy stitching! Andrea

  5. The piano looks marvelous and one would never know it gave you trouble! I love when designers base a piece on an unusual antique.

  6. Great job on the piano! And how cool is that leather one?

  7. I can see why the piano gave you fits, what a fabulous finish!! This is very unique and your workmanship is excellent. Your daughter must have been thrilled to receive this gift. Great progress on the stocking too. You have been busy! Have a great weekend.