Sunday, August 13, 2017

20 Flowers ...(225)

So, I stuck to my original plan yesterday and worked exclusively on the Christmas stocking while re-watching some episodes of Downton Abbey. I got one whole band completed and started another one. A lot of the "red" accents in the chart were done with beads, but I'm electing to stitch them with floss so it's not so froufrou. 

On to my Stroll's  20 Flowers by Just Nan, stitched in 2004. This was an exclusive kit from the Silver Needle. It consisted of a scissor pocket and fob. There is a companion piece which I'll share tomorrow.



 For those interested in the Mitford movie, it will be shown next Sunday night, the 20th, at 10:00PM on  the Hallmark channel. I'm not sure about the casting, definitely been "hollywooded" up with Andie McDowell as Cynthia and a guy cast as Father Tim who looks anything but what I'd expect Father Tim to look like. I have it set to record and will reserve total judgment until I've seen it.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. 20 Flowers is lovely. Good for you on sticking with your stocking plan, Stasi! I will be interested in your "review" about the Mitford movie.

  2. Oh I like 20 Flowers very much. The stocking is looking so good! Yes, I looked into Mitford because you mentioned it. I can't believe Fr. Tim!! I think I don't want to see it. It wrecks it for me. I have been thinking for months of listening to the books all over again. I read them. I thought it might be fun to listen to them. Uncle Billy would be fun. ;)

  3. The 20 Flowers scissor case is beautiful! Am looking forward to seeing the companion piece. Stocking is growing quite prettily tool

  4. Stasi, this set is beautiful..I have seen so many different things on your blog that I have never seen before and I want to stitch so many of them. the little scissor holder and fob is just darling.Like your matching pink scissors too!
    I'll ask a friend to tape the show for me as I don't have tv. It will be interesting to see how they cast the characters. I like Vickie's idea of listening to the's been years since I read them.