Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Strolling into August.....(213)

I know we  all keep hearing "where does the time go" but really......where does it go and why so quickly??? It is so hard to believe it is August 2017; I feel like we just hit the new millenium and we're already 17 years in....and counting! 

My Stitch Stroll continues and I'm back to random projects being highlighted. Up first this month is Patchwork Pieces by the Nutmeg Needle. This was a class I taught at Twisted Threads in 2000. Everyone picked their own colorways and each was unique. I wish I had photos of the students to share with you. I think I stayed with the original as it was colors I love anyway. Here's an overall shot and a couple close ups. I had never done hardanger so had to give myself a crash course...decided it's not my favorite thing and don't think I've attempted it since.

No stitching on the home front yesterday as hubby and I took a day trip to Norfolk. We went to the Nauticus museum and toured the battleship Wisconsin. It was a lovely day weather wise and we even took a small ferry from Portsmouth to Norfolk and back. Here's a pic of hubby on the main deck and me coming up stairs from below deck. I'll be honest, I had to keep fighting down waves of claustrophobia and couldn't wait to get back to fresh air; I don't know how they lived in such tight quarters!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Stasi, I love your Patchwork Pieces. It sounds like you had a great outing yesterday. I don't know how they live in those tight quarters either. Have a great start to August!

  2. Patchwork Pieces is beautiful.

  3. I took a class many years ago from the Nutmeg Needle designer. Can't remember her name offhand, but she was very nice; a lot of fun. Received my package in the mail yesterday. Noel is even prettier in person, and I love the frame. Thanks again, Stasi!