Friday, August 11, 2017

Simply Green.....(223)

Well, the company has all left. We had everyone here for a farewell breakfast this morning including my nephew and girlfriend who stopped by early on the way to their vacation destination. My older daughter and family were driving to Baltimore today to visit friends and kindly offered to drive my parents home. So, hubby and are are taking it easy today...which works out perfectly since it's World Cross Stitch Day.
Who knew??? I'm going to take full advantage and happily celebrate this holiday!!!

 Today's Stroll piece is called Simply Green by Judy O'Dell at Just A Thought Designs. It was available through her blog/web page when I stitched it back in 2007. It's on the large side, 10 1/2 H and 4 1/2 W on 32 count linen, and holds all my different types of needles.



Inside Needle Sections

Inside Flap with Beads
Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship......and a Happy World Cross Stitch Day to you!




  1. I just heard about it being World Cross Stitch Day. Your needle "container" is darling. It sounds like you had a great visit with your parents. Enjoy the rest of your day, just needlin'!

  2. Good thing I have been stitching. ;)
    This Simply Green piece is wonderful Stasi.

  3. Wow, what an awesome piece. You never disappoint! Have a great weekend.

  4. This is a lovely piece! As you say, bigger than most, but I really like the way it's laid out and the design is delightful.

    World Cross Stitch Day? Eeep! Better shut the computer down and pick up my needle!

  5. How fortunate that you did not have to make that trip driving your parents home and were able to stitch World Cross stitch day!

    I LOVE the needle case, the pattern is lovely, I love the Quaker style and of course anything with birds I love and the subdued colors are perfect for this piece. But the finishing is what knocks it out of the ballpark!! Like a little book! What a lovely needleholder and I'm so impressed with your finishing skills. Have a lovely Sunday.