Saturday, August 12, 2017

Keeper of the Bees......( 224)

I woke up to thunder this morning around 7:00AM and we've been having  some much needed rain since.....a perfect day to pop out the recliner and stitch...stitch....stitch!!! I plan to work on the Christmas stocking and maybe a placemat or two. Or who knows....I may pull out something totally different. I've been thinking about revisiting Downton Abbey.....I so miss that show...and this may be the perfect opportunity as hubby is busy elsewhere. On a side note, I just saw that the Hallmark channel is airing a movie, At Home in Mitford, sometime this month. I loved that series of books and hope they do them justice.

Yesterday, following my recuperative plan, I did manage to get a bit of stitching done. First, I got week 17 of the Blue Sampler Band SAL completed, the rows under the bottom alphabet.

Then I got the waxer bag from My Stitcher's Heart done. 

This will go in it:

My Stroll piece today is Keeper of the Bees, a Black Sheep Night kit from Ewe and Eye and Friends, stitched in 1999.

 Hope you'll be having a fun filled and/or relaxing weekend with a dash of needlin' thrown in. Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a great day of stitching you had yesterday, Stasi! The design for the waxer bag is very cool. Your stroll piece is sweet; I really like the frame molding you used for it.

  2. Oh, how did I know your bag would be stitched before the deadline. I've gotten distracted so I haven't even started, but it seems easy, so I'm not worried. I too loved the Miford books and now can't wait to see the movies...and like you I pray they don't venture far from the book. Love your sampler's tempting, but I'm moving on to Harrison next. And of course I'm moving to the next piece of our Mutual stitch. Have fun sitting in your stitchy chair. Thought I was going to get a rain day today, but it stopped raining around 11:00 a.m. so no rain day...darn!!!

  3. Oh I would love to see the Mitford movie. Maybe. If they don't wreck it!!! Do you keep up with the books? A new one is due out next month. Love the waxer bag and the key is adorable.

  4. Lovely progress on the blue sampler band. Curious - how long is it going to end up being?

    The Ewe and Eye piece is adorable and the framing is fantastic. Whenever I see a bee design now I think of you. ;)

  5. Oooh, I loved the Mitford books too! I'm going to look for the movie. Looks ve your stitching!

  6. Always a great post from you! Love the Keeper of the Bees and the frame is perfect for it. Your diligently working on the sampler band and your little waxer bag is adorable, I have a thing for old keys too!

    Loved Downton Abby, my sister and I went to
    Winterhur at Longwood Gardens to see the display of clothing used in the show and I loved the Mitford Series too!! I even have Jan Karons Mitford cookbook! Enjoy your Sunday!