Sunday, August 6, 2017

Name Tag Holder.....(218)

Today's Stroll piece is Stitcher's Name Tag from La D Da, stitched in 2014. This was a LE kit one year from Nashville Market but I think is available now as a chart. I changed things up a bit, replacing the flower on the right with a bee skep and adding Itty Bitty bee buttons buzzing around. My Mom gave me the sparkly bee in the upper left corner and my friend, Paola, gave me the fairy charm in the lower right. This has a pocket on the front and back, so perfect to carry a small amount of cash or your room key if at a retreat.

So I felt the urge to start a new project yesterday......sorry, can't help myself....and I know you understand! :) I had stumbled across these placemats at Hobby Lobby a couple months ago on clearance; there were 5 packs of 2. I came home and looked through my charts and found a Prairie Schooler that would work perfectly, one motif in a corner of the mats. I started the first one last night after mapping out where they should go. 

 We're off to Baltimore ...and back today, so it will be a lot of driving but so much easier on a Sunday than during the week. However, the DC traffic is a nightmare anytime!!! I'll be working on my Samsarah calendar to ease the pain.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. I look forward to seeing more of your placemats, Stasi. I really like your name tag holder. What is its overall size? Have a safe journey to and from Baltimore today.

  2. Name tag/holder looks so nice - those little bee buttons make it so fun.

    Safe travels for you! Baltimore ... oh my, you're going up 95. :(

  3. Such a sweet bag, I love anything with bee's on it. Nice finishing and great idea to personalize the placemats. I always check the clearance at HL, you never know what goodies you will find.

    Have a safe trip and I don't envy you the drive through Washington!

  4. What a fun project those placemats are. :D I pray your trip is safe.

  5. Stasi, That is such a creative idea for the placemats. It almost has a fall harvest feel to it. Hoping you had safe travels today. Happy stitching! Andrea