Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Bee-cushion......(217)

The grandkids spent the day with us yesterday so pizza, movies chocolate chip pancakes and a sleepover were involved stitching. I always miss it when I don't get to put needle to fabric and make a few x's!!! Tomorrow we're going to get my parents from Baltimore and bring them back for a 5 day visit, so needling will definitely be on the back burner. But other exciting things will beckon I'm sure!!!

My Stroll piece today is not my proudest achievement but a learning experience! It was my first drum and to this day I'm not sure what I did to have it come out so short and squat and ill fitting. The top and bottom are obviously too small for the band but I used the template provided.....oh well....sometimes you just have to "let it go" and move on. It is Pin Skep  by Kathy Schmitz, stitched in 2013.


repeat side motif
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  1. Oh the side motifs are especially cute on this!

  2. I like your bee drum, Stasi! It is a sweet piece. It sounded like you had a good time with the grandkids. Yum, chocolate chip pancakes!

  3. Your braver than me, I would never attempt a drum keep! It came out pretty darn good for a first attempt, have you tried to make others?

    Enjoy the visit with your parents!!