Sunday, August 20, 2017

A Primer Pocket....(232)

Yesterday was a fun day spent with the "girls". We started with pizza for lunch, followed by pedicures and then dessert! 

Now, on to my Stroll piece of the day......Alpahbet Primer Pocket, a class by Catherine Theron from 2015. The scene is totally stitched with a tent stitch, over one, on 32 count linen. I wasn't happy with how the linen showed through he outline border of black stitches, so I added some black velvet ribbon to cover that up. The back is a bargello stitched "pocket" to hold smalls, which I will share tomorrow.

 Are you ready for the eclipse tomorrow? I made some cereal box viewers yesterday, so we can see what we can in our area. Hopefully, there are clear skies and optimum viewing. Any of you remember the eclipse of 1962? I recall being in our back yard with box viewers and being fascinated as it became dark in the middle of the day.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Your outing yesterday sounded like fun. What was for dessert? Your stroll piece is gorgeous, Stasi. We are supposed to have a mix of clouds and sun tomorrow for the eclipse.

  2. Your Alphabet Primer Pocket is so darling! Oh it is nothing but cloudy and rainy up here today.

  3. Fun day with the girls and your grandaughter looks to be really enjoying the pampering! I love the very folksy look to this piece, now I have to look up what is a tent stitch. We had 2 girls from Romania stay with us a few years back, Nicolletta and Anastasia, they were as pretty as their names. Now I know where the Stasi came from. Mary