Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Four Seasons Part 4 .....(242)

Well, I'm sitting here typing instead of being on my way to Kings Dominion. :(  Luckily I got on line yesterday to check their hours and saw they were closed yesterday, today and tomorrow. I don't understand why that is, since this is the last full week of summer, and we had heard the schools here don't go back until after Labor Day so that KD has its work force until then. We are bummed but will carry on!!!

Today's Stroll piece is Autumn by The Drawn Thread, my favorite time of year. 

 Not much stitching yesterday since we had the kids all day and I just chilled for the evening watching he final three episodes of Downton Abbey. I think I heard somewhere that they are planning a movie and I hope that's true. I truly miss the Crawleys and their extended "family".

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!




  1. Stasi, I love this autumn sampler. Looking forward to the coming season of crisp air and changing colors!

  2. I think Autumn is my favorite. No surprise there, it usually is, lol.

    Kings Dominion is closed? But... as you said, no school so they have their workforce (this "rule" was discussed regularly when I worked for Fairfax County schools), so it seems very strange.

  3. Your Autumn sampler is wonderful Stasi. I do hope there is a movie coming about the Crawley's as I miss them every Sunday night. RJ