Friday, August 18, 2017

These are a Few of My Favorite Things....(230)

I'm channeling my inner Julie Andrews because today's Stroll piece highlights two of my favorite things.....needle in hand ....and .....the beach! It's by Hands on Design, Stitching by the Sea, completed in 2015. I love the bright, cheerful colors in this and the JABCO buttons are a perfect addition. I did use threads and fabric from my stash and instead of lining the "basket" with wool, I found a blue cotton fabric that reminded me of waves. I also added the "OC" on the top since that is my most special place "by the sea". OC stands for Ocean City, Maryland, a vacation spot I've been visiting since an infant.

Basket Interior

Top of Pincushio

Bottom of pincushion

Bottom of Basket
 I'm discovering the world of Podcasts. I like to listen to books while driving, especially on trips, but sadly the library doesn't seem to be investing in many new ones. So, I'm having to burst out of my comfort zone and try this brave new world. There definitely is a learning curve involved; I don't know how many times I kept repeating the same prologue and couldn't get it to FF to the next chapter. Then my hubby asked if I knew how much data I was the heck do I know??? My daughter to the rescue!!! She had me download the Verizon app so I can see where I stand on the data usage and get alerts if I'm getting close to going over our limit. Then she suggested I "download" chapters, a few at a time, when I'm on a wireless network; then I'm not using data as I listen in the car. Whew...too much to worry about and learn. Maybe I need to go back to just turning on the radio!!! 

Off to Costco this morning! Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Love the Stitching by the Sea finish, Stasi! It reminded of the summers we spent at my grandparents' house in CT. Hope you have a productive outing at Costco. Enjoy your day!

  2. Stitching by the Sea is so cute!
    I don't understand these data things either Stasi. ;) My kids often rescue me with tech things.

  3. Podcasts are really great! My husband uses his phone to download them as your daughter suggests, I cheat and have an ipod so download from my laptop to that. I'm sure you'll soon establish a new habit of using wireless to get your podcasts, Stasi! :D

  4. I love this piece and especially the fabric you lined the box with.

  5. PS. All that data knowledge and cloud stuff we have to know about is overwhelming. I think we do pretty good (as a generation) since we starting with B&W TV and only three channels and test pattern when it went off the air....and no instant anything but maybe coffee!

  6. I have this one in my stash, Stasi. Got it all kitted, but still haven't started it. Maybe this year. Ha ha.