Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Flowers From Thy Garden.......(214)

Today's Stroll piece is one of my favs!!! I took this class from Merry Cox at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in 2002. I started it that year but got bogged down with those solid rows of red and finished it up in 2007. Merry's inspiration was an old kitchen towel she had found in England and she designed it to be used as a "placemat" for when you take a class. Now I would never take the chance on doing that and having it get dirty and/or damaged, but it was a neat thought! I added my daughters names on the scissor pocket. The green/red striped bag holds all the elements safe and sound. The name of the piece is Flowers From Thy Garden.

Yesterday got away from me so I have no new stitching to share; I hope to rectify that today. But first, I have to make a batch of hummingbird nector to feed our little friends!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a lovely set! Interesting item about it being used as a "placemat" in a class situation. I don't think so unless I was sitting all by myself. Enjoy your day, Stasi!

  2. Flowers From Thy Garden is so very pretty Stasi. I could not use this as a placemat either!

  3. I took the same class at Shepherds Bush in 2002. Seeing yours makes me want to get mine out and finish it. Thank you!

    1. akh Thanks for stopping by. You need to do this; it's such a lovely piece!

  4. Love that piece--wish I'd had a chance to take it--but it would never act as a place mat--even in a class!

  5. What a beautiful piece! Love seeing all the detail (have only seen shots similar to your first picture before), and your lovely finishing.

  6. THis is Gorgeous Stasi! I love the scissor pocket, the sentiment, and the entire stitch is just lovely. I have never seen this pattern before and I certainly would never use it as a placemat!!

    I've seen more hummers this year than any other year, have you noticed an abundance of them this year where you live?