Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Threads that Bind.....(158)

Today's Stroll piece is my latest finish, Threads that Bind, by The Drawn Thread. I bought this kit on the second hand market (it was a club piece someone didn't want) and was thrilled to get it as I love The Drawn Thread.  I somehow miscalculated the space between two sections and wound up with the flap section not being centered. Ugh!!! So, the buttons at the bottom are something I added to balance things out. I guess this is an instance of taking lemons and making lemonade...and I really like it!!!



Today will be spent packing for a "stitchy" weekend at the beach. I'll be taking two classes with Betsy Morgan and hanging with my "sisters of the needle". I do plan to do some strolling on the boardwalk and keep up with my Stitch Stroll here. 

Hope you are strolling through a beautiful day where you are and thanks for your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. This really turned out adorable Stasi. Good job. ;)
    Have a super, stitchy weekend at the beach!

  2. I like your button addition and the entire piece. Way to go, Stasi! It sounds like it is going to be a warm weekend. I know you will have a blast hanging out with your stitching sisters.

  3. Stasi, Very clever adjustment for an "error"! I think the addition of the buttons brings even more charm to this lovely pattern. You certainly made lemonade! I just love the birds with the heart and spool. The entire pattern is charming!

    Enjoy your weekend, finally some sunny weather! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

  4. Never would have thought the buttons were a "fix" - delightful piece!

    Hoping you have a fabulous stitchy weekend! Enjoy!!!

  5. Stasi I think it came out perfect...delicious lemonade for sure. I love this pattern...especially the spools with the flowers. They are just adorable. Have a super weekend at the beach. I just got back from six days over at the beach and it was so nice except for the rain. But a great get away none the less. Plus spending time with your stitching sisters will be great. RJ