Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Wreath for all Seaons.....(178)

Greetings all! I'm sitting here at my kitchen table enduring a second day of what sounds like a helicopter buzzing LOUDLY over head!!!  They are taking down tons of trees behind us to make way for new houses. :(  Hubby thinks it is a very large chipper that they run the tree debris through; is VERY noisy and non stop! Perhaps a trip to the store is in order today!

Today's Stroll piece is from a Leisure Arts book, stitched in 1992. The book title had "heart" in it; I googled and couldn't come up with the exact title (book is called Great Works of Heart). This was a project I organized for some ladies in my neighborhood in Cincinnati. I had hoped it would turn into a monthly stitching group, sadly it did not. I finished my set and can't remember if anyone else continued with theirs. It consisted of a heart for every month that hung in the center of a small grapevine wreath. Definitely a product of the times...very country cute!

I got another band on the stocking done. I'm not sure what I was thinking but decided to use Anchor floss since I had all the colors on hand. I think I may run out of some and I know not many shops carry it anymore. If anyone knows of a source and can let me know, I'd appreciate it---trying to be a little pro-active.

Hubby painted one of our guest rooms over the weekend and I had seen this idea on a friend, Vikki Reed's,  FB page. I thought it was a good way to display the purses I had made years ago and, since my grand daughter sleeps in this room, that she might like it. 

 The second one down is a beaded bag I purchased in Berlin, MD a couple weeks ago. I just loved the delicate flowers in the center...not sure if machine or hand sewn, but the purse says "made in France" and is from the 60's. It is in great shape!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Love the purses hanging like that, Stasi. What a pretty blue background to showcase them! I like your stroll piece with the monthly hearts and small grapevine wreath. I am enjoying the bands on the stocking appear. I don't know of any local places that sell Anchor. I think 123 Stitch does, but not sure.

  2. Try Nordic Needle, the did carry Anchor. So enjoy looking at the lovely pieces you have stitched. Maria S.

  3. Cute, little hearts. Love the light blue of the bedroom. And the purses! oooOO! Lovely!

  4. My LQS (Stitches Etc. Home Center in Timonium, MD) is selling off their supply of Anchor floss. You can contact them at 410-561-3101 or the website is

  5. Your hearts calendar wreath looks both fun and happy, and and stocking is coming along beautifully. I believe the LNS here carries Anchor but I don't get there often - not too tempting a shop, other than threads - they carry DMC, most of the GAST colors plus lots of WDW cottons and Classic Colourworks. I'd be happy to look and pick up any colors you need, but I won't be near it till late next month.

    And purses as artwork is a clever idea - looks great.