Tuesday, June 20, 2017

And the Smalls ....... Part 2 (171)

Strolling along today with the smalls from This One's for Betty.   First up (left to right) is a pincushion, button pocket and thimble bag. Note the opening in the back of the button bag for storage.


 Next, (clockwise from left) is a needle book, waxer box and scissor fob.


These all fit into the etui I showed yesterday!

I worked on my daughters stocking last night and almost got the next band completed...just need to add some yellow flowers. I've been thinking about her a lot this week as she's finally on her honeymoon. She and hubby are teachers and, though they got married last October, this was their first opportunity to go.

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh I love those flowers on the needlebook. :) Beautiful work all around Stasi.

  2. Stast, I love the progress you have made on the stocking, the colors are beautiful. The smalls are just precious!

  3. Lovely smalls; I really like the flowers and acorn on the needlebook. The stocking is looking good, Stasi.

  4. One of these days I need to take the time to go back to the beginning of the year and "stroll" through all of your lovely posts!

    This One's for Betty is one of my favorites!

  5. Lovely stitching on the smalls is prettier than the next. And the stocking looks like it is going to be a special one for your daughter. What is the name of that pattern?

    I'm glad your daughter is spending her honeymoon now too. I know the feeling. We did not have a honeymoon until two years after we were married because my husband was in pilot training in the Air Force and they would not give him the time off. I almost think it is more special later than right after the big wedding. RJ

  6. Beautiful smalls (and so many in the set - what fun)! Am especially partial to the needlebook - seemsI cannot resist designs with acorns.

    The stocking you're stitching for your daughter looks very nice so far. Hope they're enjoying their honeymoon!

  7. You know I love smalls and these are super cute. I have to ask, did Betsy tell you who Betty is/was? I know it's random but inquiring minds and all that.