Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A tiny Souvenir......(172)

So, last night we attended our first swim meet for our about organized chaos!!! It was crazy with all the parents lined up around the pool, kids everywhere waiting for their 45 seconds in the spotlight....and our little Cora, so excited we were there...instructing us on exactly what lane she'd swim in and where we needed to stand for our best view. They mark the kids up with markers on their arms so they know what race they're in, because once the meet starts, it goes bang, bang bang!!! Some kids had sayings on their backs that said "eat my bubbles"!!!  😊  My daughter had drawn a mermaid tail on Cora's back. All is all, it was a fun and encouraging experience--everyone cheered for all the kids.

On to the stitching Stroll piece for today is a teeny tiny, itty bitty band sampler. It is called Souvenir and was a Make it, Take it kit from Jackie du Plessis stitched in 2014.  The finished sampler is 3/4 " X 4 3/4 "  and folds up into a little metal trinket box. It was stitched over 2 on 36 count linen and is a series of bands of different stitches.

Drats.....I can see where I dragged the pinkish thread down to a lower band...didn't notice that before!!!!  Ugh!!!

Got a little more done on the stocking last evening.

 Now I'm going to sound like Amy over at Thread in Hand blog but I do have bathrooms to clean and laundry to wash. Hope you're having a nice day wherever you are!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!





  1. What a darling band sampler!! Your daughter's stocking is a true treasure.

  2. What a cool way to store/display your tiny band sampler, Stasi! Glad you were a able to attend and enjoy your granddaughter's swim meet.

  3. Aah how sweet your granddaughter is, Stasi! I really like your stroll piece for today and the pretty little box with it. I love how your stocking is coming along...the colors are so lovely. RJ

  4. How nice that you get to enjoy your granddaughter's activities. I love the stocking and you are making great progress on it, the trinket box is very sweet. Mary