Friday, June 30, 2017

Botanical Sewing Pocket....(181)

I just love the colors and design in today's Stroll piece. It is Botanical Sewing Pocket by Chessie 'n Me, stitched in 2012. This was stitched on the over dyed gingham linen, though it's hard to see. I did add the JABCO button for closure and the sunflower button and bee pins inside. I feel I somehow "switched" the direction it closes, but can't recall for certain (darn this ole brain of mine).

I've been alternating between the stocking and the Stitcher's Heart piece. Here's where I am on that.

The weekend is supposed to be HOT-HOT-HOT!  My plan is to stay inside and stitch my heart away. I wish you all a fun, yet safe, holiday weekend..hopefully a 4 day one for most of you.

It's hard to believe that June is ending today...the Stitch Stroll has been going on 6 months now--that is truly unbelievable to me! I hope you are continuing to enjoy my needlework 'medley' ; it is an honor to share my passion with you. I'm thinking about starting out July with patriotic pieces and ending with 'Christmas in July' ...stay tuned!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Wow! I am amazed at all that you have accomplished over the years. You have a wonderful collection.

  2. Botanical Sewing Pocket is really pretty. Stitcher's Heart is so cute! Happy 4th Stasi!

  3. Oh Stasi, I love your Botanical Sewing Pocket. Very cool piece and love the colors. I am loving your stroll and look forward to seeing what you present in July. Enjoy the weekend, stay cool and keep hydrated!

  4. It certainly is a very long journey Stasi and I wish you many many stitching hours ahead to keep it going forever...

  5. Stasi, your Botanical Sewing Pocket is beautiful. I love the colors too. We will be leaving on Sunday but I will check in when I can to see all of your beautiful stitches. I left lots of posts ahead of time over at our blog so please stop in and say hi. RJ @ stitching friends forever