Friday, June 9, 2017

Good Morning OCMD....(160)

Well I am safely ensconced at my home away from home, The Lankford Hotel, and gearing up for a stitchy weekend with lovely ladies. It was chilly yesterday but hubby and I managed a walk on the boards when we got here. Dinner was steamed crabs--YUM!!!

I woke up to this:

Then we walked the whole boardwalk--4.5 miles!!! 

The ladies are arriving little by little and there is a finishing class with Betsy today; this gives people the opportunity to work with Betsy and get help with finishing any of her previous pieces you may have languishing. I may spend the morning on the beach with hubby since I opted out of this class. Tonight we have a reception and the weekend officially begins. Woo-hoo!!!

Now on to my Stroll piece for today, A Colonial Candle Bag.  This was a club piece, complete kit,  from Dyeing to Stitch in 2014 designed by Plum Street Samplers. 

Thanks Vickie for the heads up that I forgot to post this photo yesterday!!!

Hope you're having a beautiful sunny day....thanks for stopping by and your "twisted threads" of freindship!



  1. What a great way to wake up! The steamed crabs looked fabulous. Enjoy your time in OCMD!

  2. I am glad you are having a great time Stasi. You forgot to show the Colonial Candle Bag picture. ;)

  3. Have a wonderful day--see you tomorrow!

  4. Stasi sounds like a wonderful time already. Seafood in Maryland is the best! I bet you enjoyed that long walk on the boardwalk with your husband. Can't wait to see all you work on. Have a great time. RJ