Monday, June 26, 2017

A Little Par-ee! ......(177)

Today we'll take a little stroll to day in person...hopefully!

The Stroll piece today is an old freebie chart from Blackbird Designs called Souvenir de France. I stitched it in 2010 and finished as  pincushion.

I didn't get any stitching done yesterday as I was busy working on a sewing project and baking. I made some zucchini bread and tried to make it more healthy by substituting honey for sugar and coconut oil for vegetable oil. I've yet to try a piece but hubby said it was "okay"....not a ringing endorsement!!!

Then, in the evening, I got engrossed in the Netflix original, The Keepers. It is extremely captivating and terribly disturbing!!! I was in a girls Catholic high school in Baltimore at this very time and kept thinking...this could have been me! We've got three more episodes to go...these women are so courageous ....I hope they find peace and closure!




  1. I like the way you stitched up your Souvenir de France. When I bake up Zucchini bread it is Death By Chocolate Zucchini Bread!! :D Not healthy at all!

  2. Lovely finish! I like the fiber you used for it. Do you recall what you used?

  3. I love this stitch Stasi. You probably have heard me mention on several occasions that I love anything French. I too want to get to Paris one day. I spent 10 days in Provence and loved it. It is gorgeous in the countryside and by the ocean. RJ