Friday, June 2, 2017

A Tulip House.......(153)

Today's Stroll piece is Tulip House, a Black Sheep Night kit from Ewe and Eye and Friends stitched in 2003. These were kits and stitched as shop models, so I used as called for colors. I can't tell for sure, but I may have used two strands of floss; E&E&F always used 1 strand on 32 count linen and since this was way before the "prim" look became so popular, I liked better coverage on the 32 count. Maybe E&E&F was ahead of their time!!! This was done on a lovely yellow fabric...not my usual cup of tea!

I'm going to do another challenge piece for the All About Smalls page on FB. I picked a smaller project this time as I need to get moving on my daughter and husbands Christmas stockings. It's a freebie chart from Hands on Designs called To the Beach. 
For the project this time, you had a criteria to pick 2 of 4 categories: something old, something new, something borrowed or something blue. I am using a blue fiber, Denim from Gentle Arts and "borrowed" the idea from Lisa of The Inspired Stitcher blog. I'm going to finish the piece as a tin topper. Thanks Lisa for your inspiration!!!

Thanks for stopping by and your"twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. Oh I love that yellow linen Tulip House is stitched on. To The Beach is going to be very cute. ;)

  2. Where did you find "To the Beach" Her blog is gone now.


    1. It's a freebie chart from Hands on Design.I would check with your local needlework shop, they may have it or be able to get it.

  3. Hi Stasi! I love the Tulip House...very pretty colors! I'm anxious to see "To the Beach" finished. I bet it will be another wonderful stitch. We just arrived at the beach today and I love to add a beach stitch in the gift I give our friends for letting us stay at their home. Happy stitching! RJ

  4. I see now why you were checking on me. LOL! Glad I could inspire you. One small thing though, my blog name is The Inspired Stitcher. In case anyone was trying to find the original to look at. :-)