Monday, June 12, 2017

It's Steamy.......(163)

Got up early to walk before it got TOO hot, but it's already HOT!!! I'll be "shimmering" all over the place today!!!

Class yesterday was wonderful...again.....I opted not to work on my finishing piece....I was feeling a bit discombobulated and thought it best to wait until I was home. I, instead, worked on my class piece from yesterday in the morning. After lunch, we learned Betsy's method of blackwork stitching and now I'm ready to attack the project. The class piece today was Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet.


Today is a play day and then I head home tomorrow morning. It is always sad to leave here, my home away from home, but I will return in the fall!

Now on to my Stroll piece. This was for Sally's birthday, one of our great hostesses. It is Pretty in Pink by Bright Needle. This too was one of the gifts I recently was working on.

 It's a companion piece to the one I did yesterday for Sara, Sally's daughter.

Thanks for stopping by nd your "twisted threads" of friendship!



  1. What a lovely piece you created for Sally! I bet she was thrilled to receive it. It is already warm here. Stay cool, Stasi!

  2. It is very hot up here even!
    Oh you know I like Pretty In Pink!! ;)

  3. Another sweet BrightNeedle piece - so pretty!

    You're going back in the fall ... there are TWO retreats there each year? Okay, now I'm more than a little green. ;) Glad your visit's going well!

  4. Stasi every day sounds like so much fun! I love all you are learning. The piece you made for Sally is really lovely. I know she must have loved it. When I read the name of it my first thoughts went to Vickie. Enjoy your last day and have a safe trip home. RJ@stitching friends forever